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Halo by Karen Traviss
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Ok... I'm going to shoot straight with this book.
I have not finished it.
I doubt I will be ABLE to finish it.

I played the first game in my early childhood, and the whole snafu about M-rated games influencing a child beside, I was in awe. This was a world and a setting that totally opened my eyes to the sheer grandeur and wonder that non star wars sci fi could instill in me. I genuinely cared about the details of life that had brought these characters to make the decisions that they made.
So, finding out about the books of halo, and the potential to learn more about the world and the fiction surrounding it, I dove right in.
The Fall of Reach, it added depth to the masked hero Master Chief, who I could now call John. I learned of his childhood struggles, his comrades in arms, his teachers, and early enemies, and most importantly, it made what he was fighting for personal.
The other books in that particular trilogy made me happy, they kept up a breakneck speed run kind of feel. With highly detailed scenarios, and tight, military coordination. You figured out how the Spartans moved, and how they would react in any given situation.

Then there was Ghosts of Onyx. Wow, this book left me wide open with excitement. It was pretty much entirely made up of, and supported by, non game characters, and represented the first real dive into non master chief story telling. I loved it.

The comes Glasslands.
In case you didn't know what had happened during the time that Ghosts had come out, to when Glasslands hit, there was a switching over of studios, authors, and in a very horrible way, direction.
This book literally has felt like someone had taken a monkey wrench and thrown it directly into the well oiled machine that was the halo universe.
343 industries took over from Bungie, and hired an author, Karen Traviss, to make a new trilogy of books, to continue the saga of Halo. I would beg them. Please stop her. Please.
Gone, are they characters that we know. They've been replaced with mere shades of themselves. Similar in name only. Out goes any sort of reasoning, military training, or even respect for ones past actions, and in comes blind judgment, that honestly feels like it comes from the Author herself. She seems to delight in butchering the people I know in these books beyond recognition.
Ok, I'm done, this book honestly isn't worth the time it takes for me to finish writing the review.
I got to "She's a nazi doctor". Oye... Done. :)
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