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Dangerous Games by Lora Leigh
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Sep 13, 2008

really liked it
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Rating: 4.5 / 5

First off, Auntee, thanks so much for letting me borrow these SEAL books of Leigh's. I'm enjoying them a bunch!

Before I started this book, Auntee gave me a little forewarning that if I didn't like this one, to keep going with the series because it got better. So I wasn't really sure whether I'd like this book or not.

Turned out I loved it. A lot. Not quite 5-star LOVED, but close. I know some didn't quite like this book for a couple of reasons: it was tamer than Leigh's erotic-romance book, there was a somewhat heavy focus on D/S, it wasn't quite erotic romance, and not quite romantic suspense, etc.

But none of those things really bothered me. I was a smidge disappointed that Leigh turned down the sex as much as she did. I mean, the book was still much hotter than your average romance, but it was still tamer than her other books. And not just in obvious ways. There were some subtler changes I noticed that I didn't think were necessary. But the book was still H.O.T. Just be warned that if you're thinking of reading this book because you've read Leigh's straight-up erotic-romances, it's not like those.

I know some didn't like Morganna and Clint...I liked them a lot. They were fun to read about, and I enjoyed their sparring and the little power struggles between them.

As for the's romantic suspense, yet...not. There's a suspense aspect but the book is more about the characters, the relationship between Morganna and Clint, and the sex. There's lots of sex. But I thought the suspense aspect was interesting enough. It kept the book from getting a little repetitive with all the sex. I do with I had been able to read Reno's story beforehand, but I don't have that book, so I had to make do.

All-in-all, good stuff. I'm glad I got the chance to read it.
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Auntee Glad you liked it--are you up to "Wild Card" yet?

jenjn79 No, I still have quite a bit to go in "Killer Secrets"...wasn't able to read much today, too much other stuff to do. Don't ya love it when real-life gets in the way of reading, LOL!

Auntee I know what you mean--we're having high winds (remnants of Ike) right now and the power keeps going out! I've been reading by flashlight off and on for the last 2 hours.:(

Christa Good Luck with the power situation Auntee. Mine went off for fifteen hours when Ike came through here yesterday afternoon. Not knowing how long it would be off, I was afraid to use too much battery power reading. I was very unhappy at not being able to read during the evening. Today, I put off everything I should have done and made up for yesterday by reading all day.

Auntee Thanks Christa! Well, the power's back, but the cable's out, which means no internet access for me (at home). Hey, I won't complain--at least the power came back in a reasonable amount of time(3 hours). Some people in the area were told that they couldn't expect power until Thursday! Yikes! Darn that Ike!

Kathrynn We are still without power here. We've been without power since Saturday morning. Yesterday, I made a gas run to our nearest town and the damage was very bad.

There are large trees down over power lines all along the roads and in town. Most businesses were still closed and many gas stations, too. I waited in the gas line for over 30 minutes. I don't expect power to be restored for me for several days if not longer.

There was noone (visable) working on the power lines along the roads I took to/from town. Noone.

Community members are getting the trees off the roads and most schools already announced no school through Tuesday.

Saw the news as Ike traveled north. Auntee! Hope you flipped "him" the bird for me! ;-)

jenjn79 Hrmmm...GR ate the comment I wrote back, apparently. And I'm too lazy to re-write it. So I'll just say that for those of you suffering from Ike's havoc, I hope things get better!

Christa Kathrynn, Good luck with the power situation. I hope it doesn't take to long too many days to come back on. I'm glad that I no longer live close to the Gulf Coast - it was bad enough here in Shreveport. I was living in Hammond during Katrina and we lost power for three weeks. We couldn't really complain, because we didn't suffer devastation, just damage, but it was still really unpleasant.

Tammy Great review, Isis. I know this one hasn't been very popular on GR, but I liked it too.

The author tamed down the sex? Really?! With the exception of Reno's story (in an anthology), I haven't read the others in the series. Now I'm curious!

jenjn79 Tammy - the sex is still much more graphic and carnal than say you're average romance novel. But compared to something like Leigh's "Men of August" series, the sex isn't quite as explicit (at least in my opinion)...the language a little less, hmm, nasty, the acts not as kinky. That type of thing. There are just some ways she phrases things at times in this series that it seems as though she's trying to be a little more proper, as it's a mass market paperback. In the 2 other books I've read, Hidden Agendas and Killer Secrets, the sex is pretty straight up (just descriptive)...not much to really break the mold. In this one, there's erotic piercings, anal, toys and whatnot...but nothing like that in the other 2 I've read.

And considering there was a BDSM element of this book, she really barely tapped that aspect. But, I mean, I still enjoyed the book. I just thought she could have been a little truer to her roots.

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