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A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin
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May 09, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** Well. Hmm. It's not exactly looking good for my boy Jon, is it? What with that whole being stabbed repeatedly thing. But - but - Arya got hit in the back of the head with an axe; 40 pages later she had a bad headache. Brienne got her face chewed off by Biter and when we last saw her, she was hanging from a tree, but now she seems to be no worse for wear. Catelyn got her throat cut, for pete's sake & she's still alive, after a fashion. Martin can be a bit of a jerk like that, ending chapters with would-be deaths and then, surprise! everyone is okay! Except Robb and Ned, of course. So the lesson learned is that unless there is some corroborating evidence that a head has been cut off, I will remain optimistic that Jon will make it through somehow.

I'd just like to say, as someone who honestly wanted to slay Theon when I thought he'd killed Bran & Rickon - his whole transformation into Reek was not the sort of comeuppance I desired. Poor Theon. And someone really needs to kill Ramsay, like maybe the Sand Snakes? A group of women tearing him limb from limb is nothing less than he's got coming.

I've got a real gripe with this book, besides the mauling of my favorite character and the inexplicable, turncloak-ish behavior that led to it. I know these are supposed to be epic novels and all that, but why on earth is there so much going on? Readers (some of you, but not me who came so late to the game) had to wait through five years of, say, Brienne hanging from that tree. Here she shows up at the end of a Jaime chapter & she seems to be cool - but pray tell, how did she get down? Where is Podrick Payne? Oh well, we've got to have another chapter about Vicatarion, who is for the love of god the most uninteresting character ever, so I guess we'll wait another five years to see how that whole getting out of being hung thing went. There's too much here! And every time you waste 12 pages on Quentyn, who comes from nowhere & gets roasted by the dragons & dies so what was the point of him anyway?, you are taking 12 pages away from Jaime or Tyrion or Arya or someone I actually care about. Also, although the very end of this book was pretty cool once Varys turned up again and had his little speech, I absolutely cry foul on the whole Aegon is alive thing. You cannot tell me several times over the course of four books that this person got his wee baby head smashed against a wall and how horrible that was and then reveal that it was a big lie the whole time. All I'm saying is that Martin had better bring the serious goods in another five years or when my two-year-old is eight or whenever the next book in this series is published.
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message 1: by Dan (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dan Schwent I'm almost done with this one. Firstly, Martin really needs to start wrapping things up and stop introducing new characters. More importantly, Jon Snow had better not be dead! Also, I'm pretty sure Robert Strong is actually The Mountain.

Melissa Dan wrote: "I'm almost done with this one. Firstly, Martin really needs to start wrapping things up and stop introducing new characters. More importantly, Jon Snow had better not be dead! Also, I'm pretty s..."

I know! About this whole comment! I am really intrigued by the whole Strong = Mountain theory, I hope that even if Martin wasn't planning on making this true he's heard enough fan theories about it by now that he decides to make it so.

And Jon! Jon! I almost think that Martin turned him into a turncloak & got him stabbed just to piss everyone off, because the stuff he did that led up to it was just so out of character. Just remember, if his head hasn't rolled, he's probably still alive! I'll see you at the tent city on Martin's lawn ;)

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