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Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
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Apr 20, 14

bookshelves: 2013, ya, romance, fantasy, why-the-hype, go-away-and-never-come-back, tstlc
Recommended for: Fans of Barbie...princess warrior
Read from January 16 to 18, 2013, read count: 1

1,5 stars

I read this story a couple of months ago in a moment in which I was really looking forward to it, because it definitely sounded amazing...



First of all, having Calaena being presented as a master assassin was just pushing ir, in light of the way she was portrayed throughout the book. She has no depth.

For me the only positive point of this book was the beginning, which was compelling enough, I'll grant you that. But after that first page, the train wreck happened.

After Calaena enters the palace, she is portrayed as this vain, (on, and on with her clothes..) bossy (other people may use the word confident. But she has just left the salt mines, does she really wants to risk getting send back?) silly, who likes to be the queen of the show, DIVA!!

Somehow, these traits _ for me _ shouldn't "walk hand in hand", with the characterization of a master assassin!
I like girly things just as the next woman, but there's a time and a place for everything...

Then she's impulsive and reckless. Somehow I don't see her surviving in the "killing business" long enough to gain a reputation....a positive one, that is.

The almost insta love connections, were just weak and laughable.
Dorian and Calaena? Really? Why?

Was it because they're both pretty?
And bored??

On the other side of the love triangle, there's Chaol. Of which I liked.

Would have liked him better, if he hadn't fallen for Calaena so suddenly!
Would have liked him even more, if he didn't appear in the book only to babysit Calaena!

Didn't the guy had anything else to do as Cpt of the Guard??

Then throughout most of the book, we will see Calaena being her snarky self, while she takes some time of to read. She loves to read ! ( Is this supposed to make me like her more? Because it didn't work..)

In fact she will read up until dawn, of the days were she will have competitions!
So professional...
Truly, the mark of an experienced assassin. So she haves the most wonderful times, mostly getting everything she wants. Because she's that fabulous, and she like, totally deserves it!!

The thing is, she's an assassin, I don't care if she likes to read.
She's an assassin, assassinate something!!

She also plays the piano perfectly... speaks many languages..likes puppies....Candies....what else??

Oh, yes, beautiful dresses...and she likes to flirt...

Then there's some secrets regarding her birth, that i probably will never find out about...

Being this a book about a tournament to choose the kings champion, I wasn't expecting the magical vertent of the story. Which I also didn't like.

Sorry, but as you can read this really didn't work out for me.
Maybe if I were fifteen...

I was expecting something completely different..
For instance, someone mature. And an actual plot, with some kind of world-building. I was not expecting some sort of Barbie "the master assassin", in fantasy land....

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01/16/2013 page 55
13.0% "I liked the beginning of the story. I like Chaol. I like the fact that Caleana is such a strong character. But since she's an assassin, i'm having some issues with her Barbie side... :(
Less description of her clothes. Please.

“Why are none of your folk here?”
“Guards are of no use in a library.”
Oh, how wrong he was! Libraries were full of ideas—perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons."" 4 comments
01/17/2013 page 180
44.0% "Teen romance in fantasyland...O_O
There's no world-building. Chaol, the most interesting character and Captain of the Guard, apparently only exists to baby-sit Calaena...
Calaena, the fierce assassin...right. She sure talks a lot. About how dangerous she is. Of course i would have liked to have seen something by now...instead of the boring descriptions of how perfect she is. In everything. :("
01/17/2013 page 202
50.0% "Shallow story..

"She smiled at the young chevaliers they passed—and smirked at the court women who eyed her pink-and-white gown. She couldn’t blame them; the dress was spectacular.
And she was spectacular in it. Even Ress, one of the handsomer guards posted outside her rooms,had said so. Naturally, it hadn’t been too difficult to convince him to escort her to the library.
Celaena smiled smugly to herself(..)""
01/18/2013 page 320
79.0% "Oh, the big scary/sleepy/clueless/with a big ego problem...teen assassin o.0

"“No! Oh, go away!” She flung herself onto her pillows, pulling the blankets above her head. She was going to die from embarrassment."

No, but i might die from boredom... O_O"

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message 1: by Ju (new) - added it

Ju Damn. Why do the most anticipated books turn out to be complete disasters? Calaena sure sounds like one big disaster. Ugh. I'm not sure I want to give this one a try anymore...

Susana Tastes are tastes, but honestly i wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. Nothing really happens, Calaena most of the times is thinking: I could kill you! I could do this to you! If you knew who i trully am...
The romance is the weakest thing that i ever read.
About half the book, Calaena suddenly starts thinking about a character named Max, who she misses very much. Of course she does, that's why she thought about him about half the book...
She would wake up, when Chaol the Captain of the Guard would come for her, and there's one time when she says: "fetch me my slippers!" O_O
This, not long after leaving the salt mines...
Honestly, i would advise you in reading a different book...or at least, try buying it with a BIG promotion!

Anne♡loves♡romance Great review Susana!
I don't like fickle characters either.

Susana Anne♡loves♡romance wrote: "Great review Susana!
I don't like fickle characters either."

Thanks Anne :)
I think I will probably always remember Calaena, as being one of the worst characters that I ever read least one pretending to be a master assassin!

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