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Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher
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Jun 12, 12

Read from June 11 to 12, 2012

I should have guessed from the title that the ending would be… almost perfect.

Overall, I enjoyed the ride. I teared and choked up often, the big baby that I am. The young adult theme was totally refreshment from what I’ve been reading for some time, quite easy and quick to read. Easy language, cute sense of humour, right amount of angst to squeeze those tears out of me, this book is a fine package.

It’s my first LGBT themed novel, and it’s about a transgendered girl. The POV of this book is from a straight, 18 year old guy who I thought is cute and funny (I imagine him as Harry Styles, shush). There are a lot of problems I never imagined- Well, I’ve pictured them, but I never had to think of them as real problems before, that these problems exist out there, troubling people I don’t know. I can say that I’m an accepting person, and reading this book, I felt hurt from what Sage has to go through. That’s the girl’s name, by the way. I just wish that people would understand, and, knowing I can’t do anything concrete about it, about the society, I’d leave it at that.

Let me just talk about what I love about this book. The little humour Logan (the dude’s name) sneaks in every now and then (well, at the first parts of the story, at least) cracked me up. I found him as an awkward boy from a small town, sheltered from, well, complicated issues like LGBT, for instance. I also found his problem depressing, of course, but he just has a way to describe his bad situations as something that I find funny. I don’t know maybe I just have a strange sense of humour.

I’m also kind of glad that this story is told from Logan’s POV, and that he is kind of a right asshole about the whole issue sometimes. His character just feels real to me. I cheered for him, I wanted to slap him for being a coward, I wanted him to make things better, my heart hurts for him, and so on. He’s being a sort of homophobe, what with the not-want-to-be-gay thing he’s got on. But it just occurs to me that things are actually like this in real life. I read a lot of fanfictions and things always go smoothly there. Newsflash: People in real life don’t just go, “I just kissed a boy and I liked it.” People freak out and make mistakes. So, Logan, I don’t know, I just couldn’t bring myself to hating him, though sometimes I did want to kick him in the butt.

Sage is just special. <3
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