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Black Dawn by Rachel Caine
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Jun 19, 12

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Read from May 08 to 14, 2012

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In Last Breath (The Morganville Vampires #11) , you probably noticed how in the past mentioned a certain unease with where the series was heading with the new inclusion of sirens (mythical sirens). Well , Black Dawn , really did a great job of relieving any fears on whether it would turn out like The Housuthore of Night series where things sometimes felt went in new directions all the time and everything was thrown at you and ocassionally it took a while to get the hang of what was going on. Luckily enough in Black Dawn that isn't the case!

Last time in Last Breath, Claire and the entire population of Morganville, Texas which includes all the humans and vampires had quite a problem on their hands. Sirens led by the Master Draug were multiplying like crazy so it seems that the characters of either vampires or humans surviving for long are slim. Thanks to Claire Danvers though there might be a chance. Claie being ever resourceful and immensely intelligent girl might be onto finding a way to weaken the draug (sirens-called draug by Rachel in Black Dawn) to give humans and vampires an advantage. Claire with the help of her friends and boyfriend: Eve, Michael, Myrnin, and Shanwiel (her boyfriend) have an almost impossible time discovering a way to avoid danger. Mostly because the vampires have a completely justifiable reason for fearing the draug. They are incredibly hard to kill. Not a surprise considering they are the vampire's natural predator. If the draug are above fiercest to vampires then things will surely get deadly. And they do much like Rachel mentions in her Author's Note.

Black Dawn is mostly in various point of views consisting of Claire's and includes: Micahel's, Eve's, Shane's, Hannah's, Olive's, and briefly Naomi's. This is a trend that since the start of Bite Club has started and seems to want to continue. Welcome it, as one reader, considering gives you a wider scope to world of The Morganville Vampires. On another note, Black Dawn was quite suspenseful and really brought the sensivity of Claire and Shane's romantic relationship that should mention doe sget threatened in this book but not by anyone , like say Myrnin (cool, wacky vampire boss of Claire on most ocassions), . Although should mention as a long-time fan of The Morganville Vampires series really want a romance to begin between Claire and Myrnin . He's just so interesting and and in his won way evn though sometimes comes off as cruel since he's a vampire, he does try to still be good. Myrnin also s much like Claire who is smart and inquisitive with knowledge. Never did believe the idea of opposites attract and Shane and Claire exactly that. Aftef all, after a while you need someone similar to you to discuss things that interest you and if Myrnin and Claire happened then they could. Although, we'll see what Racehel writes next! Hopefully Myrnin and Claire. All in all, Black Dawn , isn't a novel in the series you should miss or pass in reading. Seriously worth reading. Get as soon as possible!
Overall: Amazing read!
Genre: Vampires, Paranormal

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