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A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin
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Oct 05, 2012

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ultimately, this was a very good book, but since this is the latest book in the series, i still find it difficult to stomach all of Martin's writing bloat. this has always been a criticism of mine, but i was assured that he is a "deliberate writer" and that everything will congeal over time. well...not really. i do think that some story lines in this book and others seemed almost unnecessary. and it seems that his attempt to split the books in twain out of necessity wasnt even needed since he picked up most of the strings about halfway through this book. there were a couple of stories that didnt get any play (though i wish they did), but many of them did.

now, that said, this book is still good. a lot of things happen in this book, and winter has finally arrived, and you can tell no one is prepared for it. again, more consequences are highlighted with the characters. there are a LOT of gamechangers, as far as important story elements. and a LOT of cool scenes. my favorite arcs were Dany's and Jon's since they have the most going on, and unfortunately Tyrion's was pretty weak almost all the time. others that are supposed to get center stage get some love, but then end with a fizzle. the book ended okay, but could've been better. honestly, Feast For Crows was a better book than this. im curious to hear what others think about comparing and contrasting the two. FFC some flaws, but was more entertaining overall. i can always tell when im reading a 3-star book because i dont want to put it down, but i dont want to pick it up often. so it takes forever to read. and this did just that.

i felt like this book didn't really reach the heights--or even mids--of previous books, unfortunately. however, i'm really looking forward to the rest of the series, whenever it is finished (soon i hope). with Martin's pace, and his admission that these last two were really hard to write, who knows if they'll ever be published. he says soon, but..."words are wind."

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