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Avalon High by Meg Cabot
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May 09, 2012

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Avalon High a reaction of the king Arthur’s story. The main characters Ellen, a nerdy girl that is new to the Avalon High School and to Annapolis. Will, a football player at Avalon High good looking like most football player and really popular at the high school. Jennifer, a cheerleader that’s the dating a football player witch is most popular guy in school, Will. Lance, a not so smart guy and not popular witch is best friend with Will, only his best friend to hook up with his girlfriend and to be popular in school. Marco, Will’s stepbrother that didn’t really liked Will and was willing to do anything to make his life miserable.
Ellen had to move to Annapolis from Maryland because her parents were professor of medieval. Since she was new to that town and had no friends all she did during the summer was float in a raft in the pool. Till one day she decided to go for a run to a park with her dad. While running she then saw Jennifer, Lance, and Will that immediately cough her eye and tough he was the best looking guy she had ever seen. She then went to the park for a run at the same time to hope and see Will. She never did until the first day of school she met them. And became friends with Will even though he had a girlfriend he started to have felling for him. Will liked Ellen too but he couldn’t tell her since he had a girlfriend at that time. Until Will’s stepbrother Marco did something to make Will and Jennifer brake up. Ellen then had the chance to be Will’s girlfriend. But Marco then notice that friendship between Ellen, Will, Jennifer, and Lance was some what just like the King Arthurs story. Marco then did everything he could so Ellen and Will wouldn’t be together but he was not able to accomplish his purpose.
Gender roles in this book were really obvious for example Will a handsome, athletic, football player that dated a cheerleader and was the most popular guy at school. Jennifer, the usual cheerleader that dated a football player and thought that the world revolved around her. And Ellen the typical nerdy girl that falls in love with the most popular guy in school. I liked this book, because is showed me that even though your not the most popular person in school there’s still a chance to be friend with a popular person in school. Not only that but what are the odds of a relationship between two people and there friends that would re-an-act the story if King Arthur with out even noticing that there been part of a story. This just shows that history could repeat its self anywhere and you never know but you might be part of a re-an-action of a story.


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