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Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
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May 08, 2012

it was ok
Read in May, 2012

I was just not a big fan of this book, and I found it to be a huge let down after the first book. However, the idea in the juxtaposition of the narratives of Stargirl and Love, Stargirl is fantastic - you switch from infatuated weak-willed Leo Borlock to the spontaneous and also weak-willed Stargirl.

My first problem with this book as a young adult fiction is that it places way too much emphasis on the 'soul mate' idea. Okay, we all suffer and go through some form of heart break in our lives, but Love, Stargirl takes Stargirl to a sad and pitiful place that I never wanted to see Stargirl go. In my mind after the first book, Stargirl would have trail blazed (or star blazed) her way through life - continuing to change and make the world a beautiful place in her own oblivious way. However, Stargirl falters and see never seems to regain her true sense of self, only a shadow of what was. Think about it - Stargirl of the first book walked into school and sang people happy birthday with her uklele on the first day of school. This new Stargirl is close with a few people, and ignorant of most others (which is odd). Instead, we see a Stargirl that has been stamped by Leo Borlock, one who is forever changed and forever just trying to make her way back to him when he's 'ready'. Yet, I think the problem is that Stargirl isn't ready for it herself.

Besides that, there isn't a lot of emphasis on ambition or life goals. Maybe that's the point to this book, that happiness is derived through charitable acts for other people, but I feel that's unrealistic, and as Stargirl demonstrates, you'll end up with a happy wagon averaging about 4 pebbles.

Overall, I felt this book was rush and incoherent at times with the first book. I will try to keep Stargirl as a one hit book wonder in my mind and try to block out this lackluster sequel.

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