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The Sunrise Lands by S.M. Stirling
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Sep 11, 2008

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bookshelves: fantasy, dystopia-apocalyptic
Read in September, 2008

I loved the idea of a follow up to the Dies the Fire books that centers around the younger generation. Most of the characters were either born after the Change or were very young when it happened, so to them, the post-Change traditions and factions seem normal. But at the same time they have a direct connection to the earlier world in the stories of their parents, even if they don't always understand some of the concepts or references.

The book is about the start of a quest. A stranger has a mysterious experience (which includes visions of a sword) on the East Coast, near the area that some think the Change began. This leads him to seek out Rudi Mackenzie, who you may remember was associated with some type of Serious Prophecy in the earlier books. Rudi decides to travel across the continent and look for the sword. He's joined by a group of young people associated with the other societies of his area, and there's a powerful tyrant that wants to keep them from their goal. (Those who have read the previous books can easily imagine how exciting this is to the two young Rangers that come along.)

It's extremely action heavy, and there are a series of flashbacks that sometimes broke the flow of the story for me. Those who disliked the mysticism in the previous books should be aware that there's even more of it here. But if we're accepting that the laws of nature changed enough that most technology stopped working, it's not much more of a stretch to say that there was some kind of shift towards magic. The only times when it really bothers me is when the mystical stuff overwhelms the story and the descriptions of it take priority over what's really happening.
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