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War of the Worldviews by Deepak Chopra
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May 25, 12

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Read in May, 2012

I read this to get a perspective from Deepak Chopra (assuming that I would agree with the non-believing physicist Mlodinow) but possibly gain some insight from everyone's favorite metaphysical doctor mystic with the funny name. He seems like he wants people to be good, and it's always good to challenge your mind with new perspectives. I ended up agreeing with Mlodinow and getting angrier and angrier at the pat, straw man, intentionally obtuse and dense arguments Chopra used on most questions. No, it's not okay to just attack some of the bad things that have come out of scientific discovery when someone points out that you have to have proof in order to find the truth of how the world works. And yes, ethics are critical when making decisions on what we should do about things, and what concepts mean. You can be an ethical person who thinks science explains the world, and that religion/spirituality/metaphysics/whatever CAN bring good to the world but often doesn't, and can't be relied upon to explain how things work. It's possible they have the answers, but they can't say they have the answers just because they say they have the answers. You have to ante up and show some proof - otherwise I'm just not able to take you seriously. I'll go with science to explain the world to me, and then take a look for good ideas of how we should operate within that world (spirituality offers some of those good ideas).

This isn't to say that Chopra doesn't make some good arguments of why people should do good. But those instances are few and far between his odd leaps of logic and tendency to ignore Mlodinow's questions.

Humans are amazing creatures in that some of us become so sure that there's a benevolent man/woman/being behind the curtain, some couldn't care less, and some really just don't think so (though they'd be amazed and happy to see any evidence of one). I had hoped for a better and more honest conversation from this book.

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