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The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima
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May 08, 12

Read in April, 2012

I believe that "The Warrior Heir" deserves 3 stars based on the fact that it was good enough to keep me reading, but not good enough to really let me connect to most of the characters. It was an action novel that didn't really give you too much depth throughout the book.

To begin with, the setting of the book isn't very interesting to me. Trinity, Ohio, the location of an old struggle for warriors between the White Roses and the Red Roses. Jack, the main character, has an easy going life as a regular every day teen. Typical. As the book goes on it gets a bit more interesting when Jack travels to "Raven's Ghyll", an ancient where a dragon was slain to give the wizards, warriors and all the other magical beings their powers. And that's all she gives us. I needed more information, something that made me want to be dragged into the book, but no. Everything is left on a very vague description where I end up guessing everything.

In the book, there is are many different characters introduced into the book. From Jack's principal, Leotis Penworthy to the Head of the White Roses, Jessamine Longbranch. Jack being the main character is explained in depth, which is great in my opinion. The author makes him a very likable character, someone I can connect to. Emotions play a large role in this as he allows them to take control of him many times throughout the book. For example he attacks Garrett Lobeck when he gets cornered and beaten and ends up injuring him, something that many people would understand. Other characters in the book are not well explained. Jessamine Longbranch being one of them. A villain set out to play Jack in a fight-to-the-death tournament. Okay... what else? That question hung over me while reading for almost everyone because I didn't have a clue about the history of these people.

In the end of the book, I found the conclusion very drab. A generic happily ever after similar to the one of Mocking jay, very disappointing. It explained very little in what happens after the tournament ends except for the fact that everything is normal but not really normal. To me I feel like the author rushed the ending of the book when really readers need lots of information of the ending of these characters. A little bit of a cliff hanger on what will happen to Jack for the rest of his life but it's understandable as there is a sequel to this book.

All in all the book was decent for me. I was only to connect with about 2 characters in the book which made it less interesting to me but still not too bad. The diction used in the book was written well, giving me a good image that went through my mind of what they were seeing. I would recommend this book to younger teens with lesser expectations just based on the fact that the author gives you more of an image of what is happening to the characters but not a personal connection with them.

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