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The Assassin and the Empire by Sarah J. Maas
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I was really looking forward to this novella. In The Assassin and the Pirate Lord I really didn't like Calaena. She was too vain, arrogant and rather careless for someone who claimed to be the best assassin of the land. But some reviewers I follow (with very similar reading tastes to mine) had the ARC of the main novel and gave a really good review so I decided to continue on. In The Assassin and the Desert and The Assassin and the Underworld, I felt that Calaena's character developed a lot and I was interested in what happened next as she and Sam broke away from Arobynn.

Now this.

Where do I begin. Calaena. Oh's like the first novella again, only worst. There were so many things in The Assassin and the Empire that frustrated and made me incredulous. Calaena and Sam are now living together and jobless. Apparently they are pretty broke but Calaena still wants to use expensive lavender soap and wants many fine things. It went downhill from there. How is it that two top assassins failed to properly check out a gig that was incredibly fishy and a bit too good to be true. And as Arobynn's former protégé, knowing what he was capable of and after what he did to her...Calaena fell for his trap, again. I'm really not seeing 'top-assassin' characteristics here...

As for what happened so Sam, it was very sad. I had wondered why he wasn't mentioned in the main novel summary and now I have the answer.

My copy of Throne of Glass was supposed to arrive today and I planned to read it after this novella but now I'm actually glad it didn't. I need a break. Last thoughts: Please don't let the it disappoint!

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