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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
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May 17, 2012

really liked it
Read from May 07 to 17, 2012

I'd give it 3.5 stars, but Goodreads doens't allow that, so I'll go with four. It was a pretty good book to read in general. The author must be rather smart for being able to write something like this; however, though I'm not denying that this was a good book, I personally didn't like it very much. Too much unrealistic dialogue and way to many biblical allusions for me to understand

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Reading Progress

05/07/2012 page 33
20.0% "The book is getting more interresting. I'm now starting a list of things/people I like.
1. Santiago because of how strait-forward he is.
2. The King because of his kindness and lifestyle
3. The prologue because...(I really don't know... I just do.)
3. The boy's dream" 1 comment
05/08/2012 page 52
31.0% "Tuesday's Homework
Things/People I like
4. The Shopkeeper because of his kindness and his dream.
5. The two stones that represent 'yes' and 'no'.
6 Santiago's Job working for the glassware merchant because it strangely sounds like an appealing job."
05/09/2012 page 75
45.0% "Wednesday's Homework
7. The boy's new lifestyle with the crystal merchant is so clam and care-free.
8. 'Maktub'
9.The Englishman because of his dream.
10. Alchemy (my favorite subject)"
05/10/2012 page 90
54.0% "11. The fact that Santiago threw away the book is quite interresting in my oppinion, but not to say that he has the Englishman's books.
12. Those creepy men in the desert that appear, tell the travelers of war, then disappear into the night (as my sister says) 'LIKE A NINJA!'."
05/13/2012 page 139
83.0% "13. Fatima because of the fact that she's an object of desire.
14. The hawk that 'warns' the boy of the warriors coming to the oasis."
05/14/2012 page 147
88.0% "Monday's Homework: Alright. I'm stopping the list here because I feel like I need to give a strait forward opinion. I read the conversation between Santiago and the desert, and I'm thinking "Is he crazy?!?". I know this book is suppose to be about spiritual things, but I just can't comprehend this. It is (in my opinion) too cliche."
05/15/2012 page 153
92.0% "Tuesday's Homework
15. I like that they were stopped by the men in the desert and were inspected. It brings back memories in Istanbul...
16. I also like that he's being forced to turn into wind... which he finally does."

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