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Black Dawn by Rachel Caine
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May 07, 2012

it was amazing
Read from May 01 to 07, 2012 — I own a copy


The best so far in the MV series. There was a BUNCH of action (always good!) and also the characters deepened. Shane especially, Caine threw some hard stuff his way in this one (although when doesn't she throw hard stuff at any of them?). As well, a part of Myrnin was revealed, not much, but a little, which went side-by-side with his whole thing-he-doesn't-have with Claire. Yet... Eve and Michael did an awkward dance, which they eventually got past, and we got some looks into other characters.

So yeah, this one was definitely worth the wait, though how Magnus died is slightly anticlimactic, and I can't WAIT for the next.

Read it. Seriously.

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Quotes Emily Liked

Rachel Caine
“The rule of the Morrell family was over, and Richard owned a used-car lot and Monica worked at a nail salon, until one day she got run over by a bus. Very sad.”
Rachel Caine, Black Dawn

Rachel Caine
“You can't go around... licking things that come out of a water treatment plant. That's just... unsanitary.”
Rachel Caine, Black Dawn

Rachel Caine
“Her phone rang again. “What?” she snapped as she answered it.
Myrnin, of course. “Are you on your way?”
“Claire, there are things to do.”
“Here, too,” she said. “And I’m staying here, believe me.”
Myrnin was silent for a beat, and then he said, “Bob would be very disappointed in you.”
“Bob the spider?”
“He looks at you like a mother, you know. I’m surprised at your lack of work ethic. Think of the example you set for—”
She hung up on him and turned the phone on vibrate and relaxed in Shane’s arms.”
Rachel Caine, Black Dawn

Rachel Caine
“Claire watched as Shane hunted around and came up with a small crowbar, which he used to lever open the seals on the top of the barrel. The top was hinged in the middle, Claire realized, and he flipped that part over. "Score," he said, and raised the crowbar in triumph. "Who's your daddy?"
Myrnin stared at him as if he'd gone completely mental. "Excuse me?"
"Figure of speech," Claire said hastily.”
Rachel Caine, Black Dawn

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