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The Vampire's Photograph by Kevin Emerson
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Sep 10, 2008

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Oliver Nocturne is a normal 13-year-old vampire. At least that's what he always thought. THE VAMPIRE'S PHOTOGRAPH is the first book in the OLIVER NOCTURNE series.

Early one evening, Oliver is awakened from his slumber. He hears a sound upstairs. Sneaking out of his coffin because his parents and brother are still asleep, he sneaks upstairs into the decrepit human house that sits above his vampire home. There he encounters a human girl around his age. She is snooping around the house and taking photographs. Oliver should turn her in, but he's too fascinated watching her activities. Using his powers to stay hidden, he makes a noise that startles the girl and she runs off. Oliver thinks nothing of it.

At least not until a picture of his house turns up in the local school's newspaper.

In the article, it states that the follow-up article will show a photograph of a real vampire. This, of course, gets to Oliver and he's torn as to what to do. Instead of telling the grown-ups, he finds out where she lives. As he sneaks into the house, she can sense his presence.

At that point, a tentative friendship forms between Oliver and Emalie, as well as her cousin, Dean. It turns out that the photograph has a hidden blob in it, that Emalie can't get developed properly. Oliver is just as curious as the two humans, and they chance a venture into the vampire underworld to seek answers.

As the story quickly unfolds, answers lead to more questions, and, ultimately, an innocent person gets killed. Oliver is stuck in the middle of everything, and is more confused about himself and what is happening around him.

Mr. Emerson writes a novel perfect for younger readers with a fascination with vampires. Oliver is a curious boy that gets himself into some tight situations. The story flows quickly with typical teen angst and rebellion. The story leaves off with many unanswered questions.

To find out how everything plays out, the reader will have to pick up the second book in the series, THE SUNLIGHT SLAYINGS.
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