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Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs
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May 07, 2012

did not like it

I would rate this two stars but that star says "it was OK" and actually, I'm goin' more like, "this is so stereotypical it's boring". The concept is cool, but seriously, I HATE FEMALE CHARACTERS WITH MOODSWINGS AND TONS OF HOT GUYS VYING FOR HER HAND!!
Don't you?
Scenario: girl, who is inherently mermaid, falls off surfboard. Is about to drown. Goes through this emotional cycle in a matter of 3 minutes: shocked. Calm. Panicked. Afraid. Steamin'-hot-boilin'-mad. Panicked and then devastated in the space of 2 sentences.
Then her boyfriend rescues her and her little platoon of hot surfer guys are all nice. You can guess what happens next: she has screaming/crying/freaking out/driving at high speeds (but not crashing because mermaids are inherently gifted with RX speeds or whatever) episodes, and then meets this super, super, SUPER hot mermaid guy when she's emotionally/illogically running to the ocean.
Even if the rest of the book wasn't a battle over which man to choose, I was too afraid to take the chance. Flip to end: yep, she chooses the mermaid guy (after kissing her boyfriend to tell him she's breaking up with him. Like, what??!). Got the story. That was a fun read, what, 65 pages and I get the drift of things. That's all and more you need to read, folks.
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