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The Mayfair Moon by J.A. Redmerski
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May 07, 12

Okay so i'm not entirely sure why everyone loved this book. I'm actually thorougly confused honestly. It wasn't a horrible book persay. I loved the way it started off but then it all went downhill from there (to me at least). Our heroine was so annoying at times i could scream. I'm all for the damsel in distress but Damnit! Do something smart. (view spoiler) this character just honestly made no sense to me. I eventually began just skipping through alot of it. Lets see good things about it.....well. I liked how the story began. I loved it all the way up until (view spoiler) Why did he feel the need to even explain anything to her. Why are they so in love with one another? I just didn't get that? It was twilight with werewolves.....but even i at least saw the love between Bella and Edward..

Idk...maybe it was just me? Again its not so much as the book was bad i just wish the author would have focused on the love between our hero and heroine...because that first kiss they shared....i should remember but i dont...So i just wish there was more "Love" development...and a smarter heroine. Hopefully next book we will get that. I will at least attmept to buy the second book because it did have potential.
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