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Nate Rocks the World by Karen Pokras Toz
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This book is mainly for 10 year old boys and I think that it is a great book for that age and gender group. It was cute and funny, full of adventure, big sisters, trouble, all the things little boys at the age of 10 are the best at.

Nate is a normal Ten year old boy who feels, like most ten year old boys that he is not good at much of anything and his sister, 14 year Abby, loves to reinforce those feelings with great gusto. Because of this, Nate has a tendency to day dream and we are privileged to enter those day dreams with him. Because of those lively day dreams, in the end, he is able to actually become the hero he wants to become and helps save lives, real lives this time.

These are two great stories and I recommend them to anyone looking for books for this age group and gender, there are not a lot of books written for little boys so this was refreshing to say the least. I give these two books a 5 - go and enjoy and don’t forget “Nate Rocks!!!” will shock you(in a good way) and yet it will make you smile at the end.

Thanks go to Eileen for this review.

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