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Voice For The Silent by T.A. Chase
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May 07, 12

Read in May, 2012

This novel could have been heartbreaking and horrific at the same time, but the author decided to put a “veil” a top of it, like to tune down a little the raw feelings.

Paine is a young man living a nightmare; dumped by his drugs addicted mother when he was only 2 days old in the hands of his uncle, Paine grew up in a nightmare: his uncle started to pimp him to his “business” associates when he was only 12 years old and the nightmare is still on. Paine’s uncle is managing an illegal dogs fighting circuit and he is not only prostituting Paine, but also his own two daughters, 16 and 14 years old. Nothing seems to break through the cloak of desperation around them, not until Jules, an undercover cop who falls in love not only with Paine, but also with the dogs Paine is trying to save.

Jules is like a knight in shining armor, even if he is in love with Paine, I really don’t think he has an hidden agenda, he is not helping Paine with the hope Paine will forever grateful to him. Jules is really a good man, someone who wants to help without expecting anything in exchange.

As I said, horrific things happened and is happening to Paine and his cousins, but while the author decided to give you one glimpse in Paine’s nightmare, when it’s time for Paine and Jules to share intimate moment, it’s like the author decided not to allow anyone inside that room. We know Paine and Jules managed to be intimate, but it’s their private moment, like if, after all the public horror Paine had to go through, this time he has the right to be all alone with Jules.

There is no hiding the drama these young man and his cousins had to go through, but the undertone of the story is subdue, whispered more than shouted, a lot like the behaviour of Betsy, one of the girls, who is always present but almost silent, letting other imagining her drama, more than her telling it.

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