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Priceless by Cat Grant
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May 07, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: contemporary, m-m, romance
Read in May, 2012

I find rent boy books almost irresistible, so I dived headlong into this story. It tells of scientist Connor who is one of the leading Optics researchers. He basically lives for his work and so has little time for socialising - plus his introverted nature means he doesn't like social situations. He's thrown a surprise birthday party by his best friend and colleague, Steve, where he meets and is propositioned by College senior, Wes. Connor turns him down but when he later meets Wes at a conference, they have a one night stand. What Connor doesn't know is that Wes is paying for his College tuition through selling his body and that he was paid to sleep with Connor as a birthday gift.

There's something about Cat Grant's writing that's just so easy on the eye. Her prose flows and draws you quickly into the story, the characters and situation kept me reading and before I knew it, I had finished the book in almost one sitting. Connor was an easy character to like. He's dedicated to his work, but has a gentle nature with an underlying kindness. I liked the way that he stands up for himself in the book, showing that he's not a doormat. Wes is another admirable character, who is making the best of a bad situation. The way he gets further and further into trouble and the effect this has on him, made me feel very sorry for him. Having said that, he's also rather naive for a rent boy and I got a little annoyed that he couldn't find a way out his problems, given that Connor manages to help him so easily. When Connor swoops in and rescues Wes, I thought 'why didn't Wes do that in the first place' and it made Wes look rather weak and ineffectual.

What did work for me though was the romance between Wes and Connor who fill a need in each other. Wes has a serious case of hero-worship at first which Connor finds flattering. Their first sex scene is used to show a little of Connor's lack of experience with relationships and I thought it realistic that he should start to have feelings for Wes after sex. During the latter part of the book the pair spend time in a hurt/comfort situation and I would have liked to have seen some more of that time when they get to know each other. The end was a little abrupt as the reader has to make a mental shift from them just being friends to them making a commitment, and again a little further into their HEA would have made this seem a little more fluid. In particular I would have liked to have seen Wes and Connor meeting up with Steve, as I could see that would be an awkward moment for their future. Despite these niggles, I still liked them as a couple and thought they complimented one another in terms of intelligence.

As I said earlier this was a swift read for me. There are a few disturbing scenes of physical and sexual abuse which some readers may find upsetting, but I also thought the author had done a good job of sympathetically showing the after affects of abuse, without being sensationalist about it. I liked that the story is so focused on the main characters because it gave an intensity to the romance which worked for me. Overall, this was a book which I liked and would probably read again when I had a hankering for the theme and a story containing a fairly light amount of angst. I would recommend it to those looking for a quick and engaging read.
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message 1: by Sath (new) - added it

Sath Great review Jenre, this shall also go on my list! :)

Jenre Thanks, Sath :). Hope you enjoy it!

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