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The Waste Lands by Stephen King
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Feb 12, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: q3-2009

The Waste Lands, written by Stephen King, who is the author of hundreds of novels and short stories, mesmerizes readers in a land of mystery and adventure. Roland, who travels this wonderous world with his two companions, is a shady character from an older time. This book, taking place in some unknown time period, incoorperates the feeling of a world after a nuclear fallout. This is personally my favorite series, and I recomend it to anyone that enjoys fantasy or adventure novels.

Level One- What connects all worlds? The dark tower. Who is the main charecter? Roland. What cut off two of Rolands fingers in the previous book? The lobstrosities.

Level Two- Why does Roland seek this dark tower of his? The actual cause is unkown, but it can be concluded that Roland has quested for this tower his whole adult life. Maybe he just needed a purpose in life, and the tower represented a very meaningful one. How will Jake entering Roland's world rid the voices that have been in both of their heads? The voices exist because there is a split in reality, therefore, by Jake crossing over to Roland's world, the realities re-unite, thus ending the quarling of the voices.

Level Three- Why is it not healthy to let one's goals become a life-consuming obsession? Because when a goal becomes an obsession, one will sacrifice anything and everything, illogically to fullfil their desire.

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