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Sweetness by Lindsay Paige
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May 06, 2012

really liked it

I read this book in a few hours sitting in the doctors office waiting for an appointment for my future father in-law. For me it was a quick and easy read. It incorporates the silent tragedy and secrets teens,adults as well, keep close to them so others do not realize what is going on. When I was younger I remember my mom telling me that there is no such thing as a perfect cookie-cutter family - even the ones that appear so happy or have everything are always missing/hiding something. This book points it out exactly. Jake is a star hockey player and lives with his dad and little brother, Drake. Is their family perfect? Not quite. His dad is an alcoholic who continually blames Jake, the main character, for his mom dying. However, she died from the nasty C-Word, Cancer. Jake has taken the role of being the father/mother for himself and younger brother. He cooks, cleans, goes grocery shopping, watches Drake, and even helps Drake with his homework. Drake will often go to practice and games with him because Jake is afraid to leave him at home. He keeps this secret from everyone in school, even his teammates.

Emily is the type of girl that would be referred as a Special Education Teacher to have her see a school psychologist. The main reason she would be referred to me is her complete change in personality and lack of involvement with others in the classroom. As we learn when we begin the book Emily is a quiet girl who has panic attacks when it deals with giving presentations or talking to others. She can not look others in the eye or talk at a normal tone, often speaking very quietly like a mouse.

Jake and Emily are grouped together for a project and he insists on working together, much to her amazement because everyone else was more than happy to allow her to do ALL the work. If the teacher did not group them together the relationship may never have happened and we would still have two individuals withholding awful secrets. They would both have to trek through the world with their mud-boots on.

I thought this story was cute and was easy to follow. I do wish I had more interaction in the school setting because it seemed that was where most of the drama occurs while in high school. There was a scene of teenage girl jealousy which would happen in real life in some schools and I continually hoped for more action because of it. The setting of the book was mainly at the homes of Emily and Jake, where the truth to their secrets can not be hid. I think teenagers may enjoy the book more if it included more scenes with teenage jealousy, revenge, and gossip. The book was ultimately deemed wonderful and has a lesson in it : To overcome difficulties you must create a reason to fight for!

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Fred Great review, I loved this sentence: "They would both have to trek through the world with their mud-boots on." That really captures the feeling!

Trista Thanks Fred! :)

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