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The Undaunted  by Gerald N. Lund
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May 06, 12

I've always wanted to read this book since it was published 3 years ago. Not only did I have direct ancestors on that trek, but I love a good historical fiction. This one didn't dissapoint. It's the same story of the other Gerald Lund novels: fictional family tossed in the middle of real life events, interacting with historical characters and becoming a part of the company. I was absolutely fascinated with the journey itself. They thought they could just take a shortcut from Ceder City to Bluff by way of the Colorado River gorge! It was a disaster, but not "ill-fated" like the Willie handcart company. Nobody died, except for some cattle. That really suprised me! I guess they chose the toughest of the tough to go on this mission.
Like other Gerald Lund novels, the characters were interesting enough, but when the romance started between the 2 fictional characters, it made me want to puke! He still does NOT write good romance! It was all so weak and cliche and I didn't care one bit if they stayed together. But if you could get past the cheesiness, the book is well worth it. You'll learn a lot!

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