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Wilde's Fire by Krystal Wade
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May 24, 2012

bookshelves: dnf, fantasy, young-adult
Read from May 14 to 17, 2012

Okay, let me just put this out there: I don't read books with the intent to crap all over them. When I pick up a book to read and/or review I do it because it sounds like something I'd actually want to read. I don't go into lulz or DNFs knowing that's what they'll be because, quite frankly, why would I waste my time? So when WILDE'S FIRE turned out to be a total turd I was disappointed. Like I said, I don't like not finishing books but the entire time I felt like I was reading a draft of a manuscript and I really felt a little embarrassed for the author. It just. Wasn't. Good.

The writing alternated being heinously rushed when it probably should have slowed down and dwelled on the situation a little (like explaining her history with Brad, the whole "you are the Chosen One" thing where she was over it in like half a second) and lingered for far too long on minutiae that I just didn't give a crap about (potatoes. EFFING POTATOES. She ate them a lot. And cleaned. And made other mechanical movements throughout). I wouldn't say it was sloppy as much as it was amateurish. Hate to say it but that was my impression. These are writing kinks that one's supposed to work out by the time they're published.

The mechanical movements? I was reading stereo instructions of character actions. There was no flourish to anything and for a story that's supposed to be so action-packed I just ended up skimming along. No oomph, no marvel. Nothing. Point A, point B, point C, point D. End.

And one just can't forget how super awesome of a swordsman Kate was the second she picked up a sword irrespective of the fact that she's never even touched a sword in her life. It was pretty much at that point I checked out. I don't even think I made it to 100 pages. I just couldn't do it.

The concept was pretty neat: this world is being devoured by darkness where there are these creatures that pretty much tear the hell out of everything. Too bad they're a flash in the plot up until the point I stopped because kissing Brad was so much more important than getting eaten by some kind of Hell Beast. Totally. Ugh. Really disappointed with this one. Perhaps irrationally so. It could have gotten better as the story went on but I wasn't going to slog through such mediocre writing to find out.

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Reading Progress

05/15/2012 page 14
5.0% "The writing here is…not good. Very elementary."
05/15/2012 page 14
5.0% "That's it: they're bullet point descriptions with absolutely no flair. I don't like my prose purple but I don't read stereo instructions for fun either."
05/15/2012 page 20
7.0% "This might be a little better if it weren't so RUSHED. It lingers on the dull things and glosses over seemingly more important aspects of the story in its rush to get from A to B."
05/15/2012 page 33
11.0% "Three pages for the best male friend to profess his undying love to the MC and then he dies. And we're moving on. A bit abrupt, don't you think?"
05/16/2012 page 38
13.0% "Really? You think you're in other world? Was it the total change of scenery or defying the Las of physics that tipped you off? This is starting to annoy me. Kate's becoming TSTL."
05/17/2012 page 49
16.0% "If his face were that swollen you wouldn't he able to recognize any look he gave you."
05/17/2012 page 55
18.0% "1) The MC is like 20 and she's never had a boyfriend? I'm supposed to believe this? Is she Amish? 2) What exactly is the focus of this story? Because the only thing at the forefront is Brad dying and the MC's confused feelings for me. I'm bored."
05/17/2012 page 56
19.0% "TWLEVE acceptance letters? Srsly? Who the hell applies to that many colleges? When it was me you had the dream school and maybe three safety schools. Has that changed? 12???"
05/17/2012 page 69
23.0% "OMG the MC, who's a total noob to swordfighting turns out to be completely superfantasmagorically awesome the first time she picks one up. I'm shocked. And she's adjusting to the new land/my people thing pretty well. I'd think most people in that position may take a little longer to digest it than a 5 second thought. And WTF is with potatoes? They're everywhere."
05/17/2012 page 69
23.0% "The last four chapters have has reveals centering around the MC eating or serving or doing some mundane task. Is there nothing else to do in this place?"
05/17/2012 page 70
05/17/2012 page 71
24.0% "If the Darkness has killed the sun and it's as cold as winter, does that remaining magic help to keep the crops growing and the animals fed? Because seven months without sunlight would have some decent repercussions on things like that. Just saying."
05/17/2012 page 77
26.0% "I just can't do it. This story is one giant contrivance."
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