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Them or Us by David Moody
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May 06, 2012

it was amazing

This was a fabulous conclusion to the Hater series.  It was as depressing as they come, but it was true to how it things would be which is classic Moody style. You really felt for Danny in this one. Wow, was he put through enough or what? I was annoyed with him in the second book because all he wanted to do was find his daughter Ellis, even though he never really cared for his kids to begin with. But in this one, you felt so sorry for how much he was suffering and how everybody used him for their benefit because of his abilities.

This book had some awesome bad guys in it. That Hinchcliffe was such a mean bastard. What a leader he made, scaring everybody into submission to him. He only cared about himself that no one messed with him or else they knew he would kill them. Food and fear was all he needed to rule the Haters and it worked well for him. Poor Danny was his bitch the whole time infiltrating areas as a spy to find more Unchanged for Hinchcliffe to kill. Because as Danny said, "That was all we still have in common: We just keep going. Them or us, even when common sense says it's time to stop struggling and roll over and play dead, we all still keep fighting to survive, whatever the cost. " 

Moody did such a great job portraying how dire everything became. The world was ruined and no one was rebuilding it. The leaders, no matter who they were, only cared about them being the only one in control of everyone. The Hater mentality to hate sure left no room for trusting anyone or being able to relax and let your guard down. Instead, everyone had to suspect everyone and watch their back. That was how it was between the Haters and the Unchanged, but that still persisted between Haters too. It was how they thought and Danny knew it would never change. They would keep killing each other til they wiped out the human race.

But Danny did his part to offer some glimmer of hope because he could hold the hate and he knew the future of humans could only be with the Unchanged. When he saw innocent Unchanged children playing. Playing for pete's sake, not fighting, he knew what he had to do. I couldn't believe all that Danny went through in this book and how long he held on. But he had a pretty good reason to. What a hero he ended up being. That poor sap from the first book that was afraid of his boss Tina and the people who yelled at him who didn't want to pay their parking tickets. Our Danny sure did come a long way in this series. I won't soon forget our most unlikely of heroes who never knew he was one.
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