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Lord's Fall by Thea Harrison
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Jan 10, 13

3.5 stars leaning toward 4 but good enough to get the 4 stars.

When you have a working concept, don't beat it to death. That was my thought after the first three books. Ms. Harrison redeemed herself in my eyes with the fourth book (Khalil, my love. Grace, my hero.) and it's good to see Pia and Dragos moving forward in this fifth book, as lovers, as partners, as a strong united front and also as parts of a couple, even though Dragos is still the arrogant bastard he always was. *grins* But we like him this way. Also, I hope we get to see more of lovely Liam. :o)

"All the big voices go outside now."

Pia is still my hero!

Aryal next? Please?

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