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Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross
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May 05, 2012

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When I first read the synopsis, I felt that the story would have a Sister's Grimm meets Once Upon a Time with a young adult romance twist. I was wrong. This book was a theme all of its own. It did not have a Disney feel to it what so ever.

I was confused about which fairytale Mirabelle was apart of. I thought Mirabelle must mean Beauty and Beast right? Wrong. In the first chapter even: Fairy godmothers who bicker with each other especially over colors+christening disaster as a baby+long blond hair=Can you guess?

Mirabelle and Blue were cute and their little spats made me laugh some of the time. But, Mirabelle's down to earth personality became sort of crazed towards the end after she met Felix. I guess the author wanted to show what love can do to even the most mellow girls.Blue was a chill dude though. Without him, Mirabelle would have become a crazed hormonal teenage girl.

The supporting characters were all from fairytales (some which you might have never heard about before), but the interesting thing was that some of them refused to "stick with the plot" of their stories and wanted to create their own futures. I think the added personal mark of each character made the story more original and contemporary. Cross could have added more connections and background story behind the characters though.

Cross's plot, however, did not reach the same caliber as the depth of her characters. I felt that some of the plot events were poorly executed and did not connect/transition well into the main storyline. It would have been nice if the author could have found a balance between the fairy tale aspect, the "love" for Felix (later Blue), and the mystery/reunion with Mirabelle's parents. She focused primarily on Blue's powers and how it came between Mira and Blue's relationship.

There were some twists, but I predicted most of them. I guess it's because I've read so many diverse fairy tales and paranormal books that my eyes have become too jaded. But, I appreciated Cross's new take in this retelling. Her writing makes us look beneath the happily-ever-afters and see the story from a different view. She makes us think about how the main characters in the fairy tales would actually feel if they knew about their fate, not just the happy-go-lucky characters Disney makes them out to be.

Overall: This book was okay. Not spectacular enough to be a 4 in my eyes. It kept me hooked until Mirabelle's spasm personality change, but I really did enjoy reading it.

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