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Foretold by Carrie Ryan
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May 06, 12

did not like it
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I simply loath this type of commercial stunt. Why couldn't the short story about Rose and Dimitri be either sold separately or given for free? It's very common for renowned authors to write short stories and present them to their readers as a sort of thank you. But unfortunately there are those who are too greedy and they want to milk it till no end. One more point against Richelle and the team behind her.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree. Everyone wonders why I stopped being a fan of hers, and it's not just how bad the writing got. She was always pulling these kinds of stunts to get votes for book awards.

Ferdy IKR..most authors that offer an incentive to get more votes on polls or what have you..offer said incentive for free on their website..like you said as thank you to her fans for voting..but noooo Mead offers a short story that you have to buy in an anothology where you don't even read half the authors, and on top of that she takes well over a yr after promising said short story to deliver it. Mead isn't a gracious author AT ALL

message 3: by Liz (new) - rated it 3 stars

Liz Only in it for Laini Taylor's story. I don't read anything by Richelle Mead anymore

Maria Waltner Not every author does it that way though - Meg Cabot listed on her blog that she writes for an anthology when she already has a story idea but it isn't full-length book material. And yeah, you buy it for the characters / authors you already know but you might just find a new author whose voice you can appreciate.

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael I can't speak for any of the other authors but I did it as a favor. I love Carrie Ryan and respect Random House so when they said, "Would you?" I said, "Okay." The pay is token so money doesn't enter into it.

message 6: by Hp (new) - added it

Hp Tan I don't know about the money, but Mr. Michael Grant raises a good point here. With books so easily downloadable illegally these days, and authors and publishers struggling to get books sold in brick-and-mortar places LEGALLY, and all that controversy about e-books, I can't see how this anthology can give the authors involved (and so many of them, too) any real benefit.

Let's say this book sells for $20 (YA books usually sell for around $18 over here in my country) - what, the authors are going to get, $0.50 per author or something? I think if we were realistic, mature and reasonable, we'd see this as a collaboration between esteemed authors. I certainly won't view it as a money-making scheme (nothing much to gain) nor a move for publicity purposes (they're already famous in their own rights).

And for those who say that the authors aren't being gracious or whatsoever by not publishing online for free a 'token short story' for their 'faithful readers' - I think you're being ridiculous and unfair. As readers, we pay for their brilliance, their amazing imaginations, writing skills, etc. It's a fair exchange - price for skill. It's been that way for years for those who didn't realise. Don't you see? These authors don't owe readers anything. If the authors choose to do something extra-sure, yes, that's nice, but it shouldn't be an obligation.

Well, just my thoughts on this. No offence intended to anybody. :)

message 7: by Pamela (new) - added it

Pamela What is your problem? Can't you accept a story because it's a story? Just because you don't know the author, it doesn't mean the his/her story will suck. Most of us here will buy and read this book for Richelle Mead's story, but I am also personally enthusiastic that I will be able to get a glimpse of other author's works. Think of this as an opportunity to find new books to like, instead of whining about having to buy a package deal that you only want a small portion of.

Grow up, dude.

message 8: by Tiffony (new) - added it

Tiffony Big name authors also sometimes help out their lesser known counterparts by aligning themselves with them on projects. Kudos to her!

message 9: by Gabbi (new) - added it

Gabbi  Calabrese OMG, SHE RICHELLE MEAD DIDN'[T PRODUCE THIS STORY IMMEDIATELY AFTER SHE PROMISED IT!? How unethical. It's almost as if she were working on multiple full-length books and taking care of her baby. And we all know that she got to choose which day this book is released, all by herself.

Like, really people? Time goes into this story. Even if it is a short story, that doesn't mean Richelle doesn't have to think of a story and character arc, write several drafts, and edit.

Also, Richelle offered this story as incentive, but she didn't win. She wrote it anyway. She wrote it because the PUBLISHERS asked her to contribute and because she knows her readers really want to read this. Last Sacrifice was the end of Rose and Dimitri's story, at least for now. Can't we just be happy she's giving us this?

Danie Did you read the rest of the book? IMO, the final story in the book was fine, but I thought that a lot of the others were even better. Heck, I didn't even know who either of the characters were before I read that final story...

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