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Batman by Chuck Dixon
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May 05, 2012

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The series continues with an interesting and promising start: Superman appears! What I thought would end this whole bizarre setup actually doesn't in a strange way. You'd think Superman would help with the infrastructure, gathering the gang leaders in one fell swoop, and putting everything right, but that would be too easy so the writer Kelley Puckett makes the human case instead, emphasising humanity's own backwardness in the face of the clear path forward. It's clever, kind of, but I still feel the story's resolution and dismissal of Superman to be too narrow. But then if Superman were included in this series then it'd be over sooner rather than later and obviously DC wanted to keep it going.

Which leads into the other stories. There's a Mr Freeze story that's very average, same goes for the Poison Ivy/Clayface story, and Batgirl changes identity from one character to a new one (though they don't explain how the woman can see given her mask is entirely black cloth covering her face).

So-so art with so-so storytelling, it seems that this is what the "No Man's Land" series is, just another collection of Batman tales with a hint of post-apocalypse that never really takes off. I'll keep reading as the end is in sight but this isn't an amazing series and this book continues the "meh" factor for this reader. Could've been better, unfortunately it isn't.

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