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Deathwing by Neil Jones
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May 05, 12

really liked it
bookshelves: 20th-century-fiction, 40k, scifi
Read in April, 2012

This was my favourite of the Warhammer books that I read. The short stories were mostly very good. Deathwing by Bryan Ansell and William King was an interesting look at a Space Marine squad that all came from one primitive planet and how they had to go back and save their planet from Genestealers and factories. It was very well done with lots of stories inside stories and had interesting world building. Warped Stars was an Ian Watson story about a young boy with psychic abilities who had been contacted by an alien/demonic force who was trying to take him over. It was also very well done with lots of different perspectives and actually had a happy ending! It also introduced Grimm the dwarf/squat from the inquisition series and made him more interesting. Lacrymata by Strom Constantine seemed more sedate, and thankfully had female characters! It was a story of over indulgence, and love and psychic powers and I enjoyed it a lot too. Monastary of Death by Charles Stross was probably the tamest of the stories, a monastary hid secret knowledge from the Imperials. It was a fairly simple story but done quite well. Seed of doubt by Neil McIntosh was alright. I don't remember much of the story except there was something that needed wiping out and the happy ending involved a woman having to shoot her commander as there was a chance he was infected/possessed. Devil's Mauarader's by William King was the only story I didn't care for. It was marines stuck in the jungle fighting to get out. It just felt like it was a Vietnam war story and nothing to do with 40k except the weapons had been scaled up. I found it very dull. The last story The alien beast within by Ian Watson was the pre-story of his character Meh'lindi the assassin from the inquisitor wars. It was a good background piece and I can't have imagined having read the other books without having read this first, particularly in the 2nd book when they make so many references to the events within this story. Overall the stories were very good and this was my favourite of the Warhammer books I read.

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