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Finder Library Volume 1 by Carla Speed McNeil
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May 05, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: 20th-century-fiction, 21st-century-fiction, graphic-novel, post-apocalyptic, scifi, library
Read from May 05 to 10, 2012

I was super excited when I discovered this series. A post-apocalyptic or at least far future scifi world written and drawn by a woman with lots of characterisation and quirkiness. How had I not come across this before? Finally Darkhorse have done something right! They've relased three of the collections in one HUGE tome at a very reasonable price. Granted the book was so huge that at times my hands did hurt reading it but I was still in love.

The book collects three separate stories, Sin Eater, King of the Cats and Talisman. Sin Eater was the introduction to the world and the characters. It was the longest stories and while there were times I wondered where everything was going overall I really enjoyed it. It started showing you the world, it was quite post apocalyptic with deserted and harmful wilderness and the majority of people living inside a domed city that was gradually falling apart and no one knew how to make the material of the dome anymore. But for all the aparant far futureness the people, even the ones that were part animal, were still very recognisable as people. There was a lovely lesbian who ran a bookshoop (I wish they'd had more of her). After the first few issues the story settles on a family that the Finder Jaega knows. The rest of the graphic novel focuses on his relationship with the family and their relationship with their crazy father/ex-husband. I liked the story more as it progressed and the issues which were told from the perspective of the children towards the end were my favourite. It was just such a huge and sad and very real drama in this big crazy world.

King of the cats was much less emotional. Here there was much more commentary on society and different races, and how we view things, and consumerism and disneyland. While being quite absurd and still trying to say interesting things. It was good though not as good as the other two stories.

The third story was the best. It was the least futuristic but was the story of the youngest girl in the family from the first story. It was all about her love of books and reading and her trying to find the perfect story she remembered from a child but how it wasn't quite right. There were lots of lovely bits about alienation and the point of reading and feeling like you were wasting your time and the nature of creativity. And it was all just brilliant.

Dark horse have relased a second volume which I will definitely buy and even though I borrowed this one from the library I will definitely have to get my own copy as well. I'm currently waiting for the new volume, Finder Voice to arrive in the post...
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