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Shadow Sight by E.J. Stevens
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May 04, 2012

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bookshelves: urban-fantasy-paranormal-futuristic
Read from August 07 to 09, 2012

** spoiler alert ** 3.25 stars
Ivy Granger has a gift of psychometry, she can receive visions by the act of touching an object. Along with her best friend, Jinx, Ivy forms a Private Eye agency; especially in service for locating lost items. One day, a demon by the name of Forneus, who is in the employ of kelpies, comes to Private Eye and requires a service from Ivy. Ceffyl Dŵr, King of the Kelpies, has gone missing, along with his bridle -- an artifact that helps the Kelpies to defend the city of Harborsmouth from the threat of each uisge, dark skinned water horses that have taste for human's flesh ...


This book feels more like a mythology of magical creature!! There's so many informations regarding kelpies, each uisge, trolls, brownies, pookas, pixies, vampires, merrows, etc, etc. I find that part quite exciting.

Character wise, Ivy the main heroine, feels different from most urban fantasy series I read. While she has a magical gift, but Ivy is not a 'fighting' heroine. She doesn't fight with magic or swords or guns ... instead her power helps her locate things, and her connection with a powerful witch, Kaye, serves her more like an errand girl. Ivy does research, she finds way to make magical creatures unite to fight each uisge: visiting vampires, asking help from merrows, making deal Green Lady, the powerful glaistig, using pooka to steal back the briddle ... but she never directly use physical force to fight. On one hand, it's a different kind of heroine. On the other hand, it becomes doozy when the threats are escalating.

Also, the sudden introduction to romance with Ceffyl Dŵr, the King of Kelpies is totally out of the blue. Ceffyl doesn't really appear until last few chapters, when Ivy helps releasing him from each uisge's imprisonment, and suddenly he asks her for a date? Then in the epilogue, they're dating? Urgh, no, just NO. This book is fine and dandy being an urban fantasy without a love-interest; especially since it's only the first book in the series. In result, the romance feels like a last-minute addition to attract readers who are looking for 'paranormal romance'. It's rushed, awkward, and unspiring.

The identity of Ivy's real father (apparently, Ivy has a fae blood in her, since her father is a member of Unseelie Court) is a nice twist. I wonder what will it do to Ivy, whether she has another power coming aside from her psychometry. I'm quite intrigued with the next book. I hope that the romance is being either forgotten or better developed (if it wants to be a paranormal romance, I mean).
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