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The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan
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May 04, 2012

really liked it
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Read in May, 2012

Well now, after Robert Jordan passed, I decided to wait and see what was gonna happen with this series. As such, I waited for the last two to get published and close to the final this January before delving back into the Dragon's story.

That was both a good and a bad idea. I'm pleased that I'll have Towers of Midnight within the week and A Memory of Light in a few months time. I am not a very patient man.

The downside was I've forgotten so much! This story is huge and the books are no joke either.

It took me about half of the novel to settle back in, but I do forget so much. I figure I'll buy the A Memory of Light and then start collecting as I re-read the series in a year or two. I love this series.

I'd forgotten just how much.

There are quirks I don't like, but I think overall it's such a complete world and Mr. Sanderson has done a tremendous job keeping the tone of the series in tact while letting the undercurrents pulling everything apart dictate how chooses to express it.

It's a fascinating thing and I'm interested to see how I feel about that once I leap directly from Knife of Dreams straight into this volume, but I suspect I'll be as satisfied as I am now.

As to the book itself, well, a lot happens, but my mind wasn't blown which is why I only went with four stars.

I understand Jordan intended this final three volume arc to be one book and I think that would have been a mistake. There's a lot of internal struggle in this volume which I appreciated, particularly among the doomed Al'Thor and the burgeoning Al'Vere.

I was happy to see the time spent on them. I do want more Ayabara, but I'm confident I'll get it soon.

If you're knee deep in it, Sanderson has not disappointed the story and I think Jordan would have been happy of the direction it's taken.


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