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The Soul Saver by Dineen Miller
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Temptation exists all around us. Waiting in the shadows and in the dark to lead us astray if we are willing to open ourselves up to it. That is just what The Soul Saver by Dineen Miller is all about.

Hugh Baltimore has been striving for the very best life has to offer for the last seven years at the Stanford University where he is working on his tenure. After the loss of his daughter, Mandy, he has found solace and peace in the answers science can offer him. Whereas, his wife Lexie has clung to her faith in God to help her move forward in her life with Hugh and their remaining child, eight-year-old Jeremy. This has created a huge divide in their marriage and as long as Lexie keeps her faith to herself and stops trying to win Hugh over to God, maybe they can agree to disagree with where their futures are headed.

By it's Hugh's soul that is the ultimate prize and one that Tobias wants. He has made a pact with the former pastor of Freedom Church, Nate Winslow that he will save his daughter Sam, a recent heart recipient if he will help him in his evil plans. Knowing that God didn't help him save his wife in the accident that almost claimed Sam, he was willing to do whatever it took to ensure that he didn't lose Sam as well.

Lexie Baltimore has an extraordinaire gift from God. It's a vision he has given her to sculpt a bust of whomever he wants Lexie on a mission. Whenever she sculpts their face, Lexie knows that God will place that person in her path and she will listen to whatever promptings God places on her heart to intervene and right now that person is Nate Winslow.

I received The Soul Saver by Dineen Miller compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and LOVED it. This is a very different look at how temptation can affect the believer and the unbeliever alike in the most astonishing ways imaginable. Let us never forget how truly real this can be in our daily battles with the enemy. Spiritual warfare is an ongoing battle and the souls that God wants to save may be the very ones we are the closest to! I highly recommend this book and rate it a 5 out of 5 stars. This truly shows us just how powerful our God is, and how effective our spiritual armor and prayer can be in winning wars.
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