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The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality by Gahan Hanmer
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May 04, 2012

it was ok
Read in May, 2012

When I first began reading, I really had no idea what to expect from The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality . This sounded like a different and unique read and I was definitely interested.

The storyline centers around a man named Jack Darcey who has inherited a house in Upstate NY. Jack went to a privileged school and had plenty of chances to make something out of his life, but he never really committed to anything and considers himself to be a bit of a Bohemian spirit.
Jack is lounging on his front porch when a Rolls Royce pulls up and a driver gets out claiming to be sent by his old friend, Albert Keane. He says he is to escort Jack to Albert's country estate. Albert is a wealthy man who inherited his money after his parents both died. Jack hasn't seen his old friend in twenty years.

Jack politely declines, but before he knows it he is knocked out cold and being taken by force to Albert's home.
When he gathers his bearings, he learns that Albert has taken his wealth and created a kingdom of his own in the middle of nowhere in Canada.
Kingdom meaning he has his own little society that he rules as king. He also has a girlfriend, Jenna, who will soon be queen.
Albert explains this kingdom to Jack and invites him to become a part of it, to live and this new life and leave the modern day world behind him. Albert even pays off his debt in full so Jack basically has nothing to go back to. Jack finds himself part of this society and soon enough he is even Knighted.
As he searches for answers, Jack finds some eye opening truths about this new kingdom and about his old friend.

My thoughts:
I've never read anything quite like The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality. I like the premise, the thought of there being this whole other world created to resemble Medieval times.

However, although the plot was interesting, the execution could have been better. I really had to suspend disbelief for the story. I could have bought the plot but the characters actions were a tad bit out there, especially Jenna's.
I did find it interesting the way the author gave Albert's kingdom realistic problems and issues. Creating a society such as this there are bound to be many situations and conflicts, and I think author Gahan Hanmer had a good grasp on this aspect of the story. Picts are people who have gone against set law and live in the forest instead of with the rest of the kingdom. Albert's son and heir has some not too savory aspects to his personality.
I wondered how some people could just leave the modern world behind and live in this society. One of the kingdom's members was a famous architect who actually went mysteriously missing from the modern world, turns out he came to Albert's world and wound up designing his castle.

I also liked how the clothing and the scenery were described. I felt like I was visiting this Kingdom on the Edge of Reality, although I was a tad confused while I was there, I enjoyed the story none the less.

"It was then that I truly believed in Albert's kingdom. Costumes and swords hadn't convinced me. Even that flock of children hadn't really done it. Wisps of smoke and specks of light had brought me to the truth of it; hundreds of miles from anywhere, tucked away between northern mountains, there really was a kingdom where Albert was king."
p. 63, The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality

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