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Triumff by Dan Abnett
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May 04, 2012

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This is not Dan Annetts normal fair, and to be honest the first chapter is a struggle to read through. Five to ten pages basically just describing that its raining alot, but in numerous different and imaginative ways of saying it over and over. Had I not been confined with just this book (Work stuff), I have no doubt I would have disgarded it there. I'm glad I didn't. This is a book that gets better the further into the book you go, although the first third of the book feels like an arduous chore. The latter part of the book becomes a riveting story, with characters you can "finally" get behind, and some decent action.

Dan also tries to include some Pratchet-esque humour, asides of humourous irrelevance and foot notations. However these didn't work for me. But then I didn't like the humour in some of Pratchets books (Wyrd sisters, Colour of Magic)yet know others who loved it. So for some it will suck for others it'll be a delicious addition to the book, it all depends on your personal sense of humour. However it does feel a tad too forced in places with a Dirty Harry character "do you feel opportune punk" and a police pathologist "de'quincy", and of course a james Bond nod with "kew". Clever nods at 70's TV or trite additions that make you groan? Also the numerous reverences to Elizabethan dress types in detailed descriptions was like reading a foreign language, and quite annoying as no point of reference was included to supply even a basic idea of what he was going on about. There are a lot of little niggles in this book, that are emphasised in that opening third of the book, and some will wonder if its worth the perseverance to finish the book at all. It is. Though the final show down felt underplayed it was still a good read. And I have no doubt that now this book has done the ardulous task of setting the period, the scene and the back ground irrelevances that there is a potentential for a growing series that will just get better and better.

Too summise the first third of this book is a struggle, but it ends up being a good read if you stick it out. This is certainly not his best work, but it has an eventual pay off for the reader and sets the foundation for a possible new Abnett series. [ however if mr Abnett reads this, more Malus darkblade please!!]

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