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A Girl's Guide to Vampires by Katie MacAlister
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May 04, 2012

liked it

I did not know what to expect when i picked up this book. The back gave no mention of characters or plot... It started a little slow for me, but overall I liked it. I thought it was hilarious! Sure the two women are a bit annoying but that was also was it was so funny. They have no filters on their mouths! Whatever they think (no matter how inappropriate) comes out of their mouths.

"But Raphael's a nice name. It's exotic. It's unusual. It-"
"Sounds like it belongs to a male prostitute," he interrupted.
"Well, I think it suits you," I said as he walked down the short hallway.
He looked at me out of the corner of one of those delicious eyes. "You think I look like a man who takes money to pleasure women?"
"I think a lot of women would pay you money to give them pleasure," I said. "I know I certainly would if I had some spare cash laying around."

Joy and Roxy set out to meet the author of their favorite vampire romance novels. Roxy is the naive one who thinks vampires and witches are real and doesn't mind sharing her opinion with anyone who will listen. Joy is a little more reluctant to admit it, but once she starts having vision sent by a "Dark One" she has no choice to either go with it or admit that she has finally gone mad.

It's a light read. It's got a little action, a little romance, a little mystery and a lot of mishaps from two bumbling American women playing detective.

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