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Redemption by Fire by Andrew  Grey
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May 04, 2012

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Redemption by Fire by Andrew Grey
2.5 Stars
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What to say about this? I love my firemen more than anything and while this story isn’t bad, it didn’t really grab me either. The writing is good but there is a weird combination of some very hot sex scenes and some very flowery words.
Dirk is a closeted gay fireman who pushes everyone away by being a complete asshole so that no one will get too close and guess his secret. As far as family, he only has his father, who is a bigoted ‘Christian’ asshole in his own right. Dirk is fairly seriously injured on the job and no one from the fire station comes to see him other than the newbie at work? Come on! I am sorry but that bothered me so much.
The newbie, Lee, is a mountainous man with a baby face who is out and proud with the department and everyone else in his life. He has a heart of gold but doesn’t take any shit, least of all, Dirk’s shit. There is an instant, explosive attraction between the men and they start an affair. The road is not easy, mostly due to Dirk’s abject fear of being outed and Lee feeling slighted because of it. The eventually break up due to Dirk’s callous treatment of Lee’s feelings even though both men love each other and want to be together. It isn’t until Lee is almost killed on the job that Dirk finally realizes that he loves Lee and announces it in front of the entire department. Dirk’s coming out to the guys at the fire department is not met with anything other than amusement as all of the men had a bet going on about who would declare their love first, Dirk or Lee. The book ends shortly after that on a HEA even though Dirk has yet to come out to his father.

Overall, I liked this story but wish that it had a given us a little more information on Lee’s background and on the future of the men as a couple. I would have loved an epilogue.

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