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Secret Star by Nora Roberts
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May 03, 2012

liked it
bookshelves: romance-mystery
Read on May 25, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Setting – Washington DC. – gorgeous home, average home, ambassador’s complex

Theme – destiny, love, magic, power, reincarnation and this time the players get it right,

Mithra – blue diamonds – one for love, one for knowledge, one for generosity

Grace Fontaine – of the three she is the most beautiful. She is extremely rich, and used and abused by her extended family. Her parents died when she was young, and she was raised by a cold-hearted aunt – and her dissatisfied cousin, who envied her and patterned herself to look and act like her. Grace figured out early that she couldn’t please anyone, so she decided to please herself – outrageously – and publically (enjoying her family’s outrage) – and without defending herself in the press. She becomes true family with M.J. and Bailey – and she gives her money and time to aid the neonatal unit of the local hospital, going to love and rock the babies. She missed the action in the first two books, (though she did get her diamond) because one of the AIDs babies died, and she went to her cottage and then to the coast to find balance and peace.

M.J. O’Leary / Jack Dakota - Bailey James / Cade Parris – These couples are doing great. The circle up and protect Grace, and Jack and Cade join Seth at the showdown.

Lieutenant Seth Buchanan – 3rd generation cop – known as the Machine, keeping his emotions in tight control. He is fascinated by portrait of Grace when called to her house – the body (actually Grace’s copycat cousin) is thought to be Grace. A loving, strong family; a father who died in the line of duty; a mother who had peace with the danger their positions put them in… But he has closed his heart, his few forays into possible love found women who could not tolerate his dedication to his job and its inconveniences.

Ambassador Gregor DeVane of Terresa – insane, insanely rich, a collector of expensive things (including women) especially those with a legend of magic. He has killed all who failed with M.J. and Bailey – and killed the team that competed with him to gain the treasure, and the head of his expedition that failed. He believes the Stars of Mithra will make him an immortal god, and he lusts for Grace to join him as his queen.

Seth, contemplating a life taken too soon, is surprised when Grace confronts him with her gun when he returned to her house to try to puzzle out what happened. He is full of assumptions – and is slow to put the puzzle pieces of discordant Grace to get a true picture of her – in part because he feels the need to protect his heart. Their relationship is a bit like red light green light – and the other moves without the other’s awareness. The passion draws them, tenderness and vulnerability grows – but it takes them a bit to both fully immerse themselves in one another.

As they are dancing around each other, the Ambassador is making plans. And after a fight where Seth withdraws after Grace realized how much she loves him, she is kidnapped… but Seth knows the Ambassador is behind it, and he gets Jack and Cade, and the storm the Ambassador’s complex – meeting Grace in the hall after she took out her guard (with a combination of implied seduction, and a crystal perfume duster)…

Grace goes to her cottage, to her garden to find peace – and Seth follows her up, and is finally ready to immerse himself in her – to love her, and marry her, and build a family…

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