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And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
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Jun 10, 2013

really liked it
bookshelves: mystery
Read from May 03 to 13, 2012

Vague invitations from U.N. Owen (aka unknown) are individually tailored to the recipients. Victims are stranded on an isolated island. Accused of murder by a phonograph recording on their first night, each dies within a week, method according to nursery rhyme "Ten Little Indians" ("Niggers" alternate title).

Counting down each death, one corresponding glass miniature vanishes from the table center decoration. Tricksy plot allows perpetrator to differ in world's longest running popular stage (The Mousetrap) or screen versions.

Early on, having us see the invitation as credible in the eyes of the actual criminal, is a sneaky cheat by the author. Of course we mistakenly believe every point of view as innocent. Too much is made of everyone's overwhelming guilt, especially that of the final survivor. In all a fairly artificial construct with the dice loaded against readers' correct solution.

A hint, not a spoiler: the killer may not be the last one. Or may? Suicide? Murder? Fake? "The Queen of Crime" strikes again. (view spoiler)

Agatha's independence shows, strong for 1939. Miss Williams the Crale governess: "Men have the best of this world. I hope it will not always be so .. I feel very strongly about the marriage tie. Unless it is respected and upheld, a country degenerates."

(This is the BIG Who-Dun-It (view spoiler)

Book Cover: Inner endpapers of gold logo on navy hardcover Bantam Agatha Christie Mystery Collection, custom designed by Peggy Skycraft, shown only once alphabetically more first, under ABC Murders, The.
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100.0% "Misleading point of view as if perpetrator deceived like others."
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

You just gave away the book. jerk.

message 2: by An Odd1 (last edited Dec 24, 2012 11:42PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

An Odd1 gave away the book. jerk."

Only if you read the spoilers. @#$%. You sound like a newcomer to polite society, to GoodReads, and to reading altogether. A mature well-read correspondent would answer with manners and thorough preparation.

You did read the title? the word "Spoiler"? the sentence "Tricksy plot allows perpetrator to differ in long-running popular versions for stage or screen."? Even if you you saw elsewhere, you could not know the killer.

Polite translation: Thank you for your pertinent poignant observation.

I had not yet learned codes, so I did warn with word "Spoiler". Most mystery readers know people get killed; the spoiler is the murderer. The title kind of gives away the fact everyone dies until "And Then There Were None".

Agatha Christie was called "Queen of Crime" precisely because, well, shall I put this non-spoiler right up front? The last survivor may not be the killer. Or may. What a mystery.

I'd forgotten how proud I was of this review. How I did not give away the killer till the very last. Just like Agatha. Perhaps if you read it again?

That said, I will re-write appropriately. Whenever anyone comments on old reviews, that's when I revise and add codes. 'Tis Xmas eve after midnight, I shant shock Santa, quick fix now, maybe more manyana.

PS I peeked at your profile now. You are new(er than me). How did I guess? A mystery.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

" You sound like a newcomer to polite society, to GoodReads, and to reading altogether. "

I have added books which I've read to my profile, for your benefit.

Anyway, what I meant was (in polite words now) reviewing is not about writing a summary. It's reflecting. That's my perception, you may well paraphrase a book, for all I care. Well I do care, if you are going to spoil the reading experience with such puerile reviews. Oh, I can't be polite to you. I tried.

An Odd1 not as hard as I did

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