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Nocturnal by Scott Sigler
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May 27, 12

Read from May 03 to June 04, 2012

Wow, this was incredibly disturbing. And sometimes hilarious. And maybe too crass for my liking in parts too, unfortunately. Yet the summary doesn't lie though, despite my misgivings at the beginning, it really is a terrifying descent into a nightmarish world along with some of the most incredible action scenes put to paper, I am thoroughly impressed. A line from the book sums up Nocturnal to a hilt, it absolutely delivers on mutants, vigilantes, and murderers. And if a certain detective hadn't annoyed me so much with his wiseass behavior for the first third of this book, would've been five stars for sure.

Basically, that's my one and only criticism. Pookie Chang is at first just way too over the top crass for me. Some of his material, like calling another office Black Mister Burns, worked, but other stuff was just racist, sexist, and distracted me from the plot, which also had a hard time coming together at first. I know a lot of it was just setting up the characters, setting, and mystery, but the investigative portion could've moved a little faster, I wasn't really liking this book until the second action packed half. And at times it almost felt like Bryan Clauser, supposedly the main character, is overshadowed by the supporting players, Pookie, Robin the medical examiner, and others are definitely more memorable, for better or worse, at least to me.

Some things in the first couple of chapters are more than a little confusing too, the point of Aggie, the focus on Rex and the bullies, heck what exactly was going on, but once the plot came together, wow. There's some incredibly dark and twisted stuff, matricide, mass murders, cannibalism, including a comment that a particular character tasted delicious in a stew, but all of it worked well with the story, and even more surprisingly, worked with Chang's crassness too for the most part. And the ending, not only action packed and unpredictably satisfying, but the character development worked out awesomely. Like I was probably almost as angry with Chief Zou as Bryan was, for stonewalling the investigation without giving a really good reason, but turns out her fears really weren't unfounded, and she and the others involved in the coverup sort of get their comeuppance. And the role of Aggie, Rex, the bullies, I liked how they all tied into the plot. And there's enough loose ends I can see the premise for a second book.

Anyway, Nocturnal's not for the faint of heart, or yes, anyone's who's easily offended. And the first half is honestly really probably only around average or a little better. But past that, thing pick up, get nightmarishly memorable. The second half of this book is definately going to stay with me for awhile. Oh, and if cops really behave like that in real life, in front of FBI agents and an Assistant District Attorney, I'll be horrified, but will take back my criticism and bump this up to five stars.
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