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The Legend Begins by Isobelle Carmody
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May 03, 2012

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This is one of those books that I was really torn about. On one hand, as an adult, I found it fascinating. I really enjoyed seeing our world through the eyes of Little Fur and her friends. To make the everyday world feel new and strange is a difficult task that Carmody was able to pull off. I also thought the mythical elements of the story were intriguing. I loved 'The Old Ones' and the idea of this innocent creature being their protector. Little Fur as a character is well-formed and the bravery she discovers within herself along her journey is wonderful to see.

Then there's the other half of me that kept shaking my head as I read the book. The environmental message in the book comes off incredibly heavy-handed. That in itself didn't bother me because it played into the character's view of the world. The part that left me shaking my head was the complete disgust presented in the book toward humans in general. Granted, by the end, there was a very slight concession that perhaps not every human in the world was terrible and evil, yet it still left the impression that most were, or at least our lifestyle is. Again, as an adult, I'm not sure I would object too much to that point of view, but as a book for children, it struck as incredibly odd. I really wonder what kind of message it would send to an impressionable child, especially given that most readers are going to be suburban children living in the very kind of place described in the book...not to mention what a dog owner would think (given the way dogs are depicted as willing slaves of human evil).

An odd story with charm whose message goes a little over the top.

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