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Eternal Seduction by Jennifer Turner
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May 03, 2012

it was ok

According to my Kindle I only made it 55% of the way through this book. While I thought the blurb had promise, I quickly found that the story was as flat as the heroine's chest. And ass, apparently. As we learn... in great detail.

This is one of those books that tries to make a genre stew, clumsily incorporating every possible particle and cliche that it could, and grinding it up into a pasty representation of PNR, which it then crams down our throat in a constant repeating loop of cutesy barfiness. Dragons, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, huge dark castles, people vanishing into puffs of smoke, ancient eyeless sires, and none of it particularly well done.


While I am no stranger to books that stretch the limits of the typical imagination, there were some things that I found myself rolling my eyes at.

"I'm going to give you an option here, I can fix your body the normal way with vitamins and food. OR I can magically zap you all better and HEY, there's that ass you've been missing so much, you homeless freak of nature."

Why was this even an option?

First rule of writing, kill your darlings.

Make the bitch suffer!

This book, much like another particular vampire book that will remain nameless, gives the ragged edges of real fiction a bad name. Everything that could have and should have been a positive and interesting addition to real character development was glazed over in the easiest possible way for all those involved.

Withdrawal from heroin? Here's a special tonic to make it go faster, made from special herbs that don't grow outside our magical castle. Oh, and here's some screwing now that you're awake, pasty mouthed, and sweat-soaked. Mmmm....

Killed your sister? It's okay, she would have died anyway, and in a far worse way than being run over by a car.

Skinny, malnourished, and possibly cancerous? Take heart, that's a two minute fix... tops!

In the end I gave it a second star for the simple fact that I DID like a few of the characters, and some of the dialogue was entertaining.

I feel like it's become okay to lay waste to a genre that was once so clean and compelling. I came into this book for the vampires. I didn't need all the crazy magic, dragons, shifting people, ghosts, talking dogs, magic fixes, and other BS that I got.


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