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Persepolis 2 by Marjane Satrapi
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message 1: by Srinivas (new)

Srinivas i think 5 stars are not enough for this book.

 Sophia B I think you are right!! One of my all times favourite!! Satrapi is inspiring both as a character and author! :D And how she develops the story and the characters, I just love everything about it!

message 3: by Srinivas (new)

Srinivas i know u would give 5 stars.

PS: what do u do? mean u r studying or working

 Sophia B wow, how did u know?
I work, as a clinical psychologist:)

and u?

message 5: by Srinivas (new)

Srinivas i checked the books in ur "read" shelf.

great,i never met any psychologist before.

ur profile picture clearly matches to ur profession. It implies "a little bright light in total darkness".

i am studying a web programming course.

PS: i guess u interview people with problems. tell me, if u find any interesting things, please, psychology always fascinates me.

sorry for being nosy, could u do me a small favor??
i dont understand difference between "NEED" and "DESIRE", these things are always confusing me and frustrating me, too. just want to understand these things and let my mind a little happy.

 Sophia B ;) Even if u checked my read shelf, it is still hard to predict behaviour, so u did well:)

guess psychologists are just normal people, nothing special about us..

I hope i can be helping people first by being a light than by showing them their own light and how to appreciate it and use it well... :)

Psychology is very fascinating. I was thinking about studying literature or politics but then i found that for me it all comes down to psychology... to us as human beings and how we think, feel and act..

so what do u want to do with ur it-studies? what is ur dream?

I don´t know what the difference is between need and desire but i can tell u my subjective thoughts on the matter...
I help my patients to understand their needs, so that they can fulfill them and communicate them to their partners, friends etc. Needs are important, we have physiological and emotional needs, needs for security and meaning. it is important that we understand them and accept them and our feelings to feel well (ex. a baby that is screaming, needs food or sleep or calming, we are still like the baby just that we are not in such direct contact with our needs anymore).

Desire is something we want but is not necessary to feel well... Sometimes it is more important to listen to the need than the desire to be well in the long run, if there is a conflict between them.

U should read about subjective well-being and positive psychology. easy to grasp psychology and very interesting:)

hope this was helpful..

have a great day:)

message 7: by Srinivas (new)

Srinivas thanks for advice.
i will try to understand my needs and desire more properly.

i am doing web designing only to get a job, then after i will join English Writing Course, as my English is under mediocre, to brush up. my ultimate dream is to write stories.

 Sophia B Is english ur second language?
I hope ur ultimate dream will come true, let me read once u have written something:)

message 9: by Srinivas (new)

Srinivas yess, English is second language

now, i am working on a war story, after the completion of its synopsis, i will send it to.

 Sophia B wow, great, I´d love that!
I write in norwegian so sorry i can´t return the favour, but i´d love to read yours.
And what is ur first language?

message 11: by Srinivas (new)

Srinivas my first language is "Telugu", it its the state language of Andhra Pradesh state in India.

 Sophia B Interesting! I have never heard of that language, does it bare any resemblance to other languages in India? How would u describe Telugu?

 Sophia B "According to the 2011 Census of India, Telugu is the language with the third largest number of native speakers in India (84 million)"

And now i am embarrassed..

Why is it less known (at least to me) than gujarati, hindi, bengali, etc..?

And they say it is somewhat similar to sanskrit, borrowed some traits?

 Sophia B Telugu is the second language in Silicon Valley, where the Telugu diaspora numbers more than 900,000:)

message 15: by Srinivas (new)

Srinivas Janne wrote: "Telugu is the second language in Silicon Valley, where the Telugu diaspora numbers more than 900,000:)"

u know, our state manufactures nearly 10lacks engineers every year.

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