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Slammed by Colleen Hoover
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Aug 14, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2012

You may or may not have heard about this little book called Slammed. If you have, I bow down to you. If you have not you are 1) seriously missing out and 2) you better let me describe it to you! This book was beyond brilliant! It shocked me to the very core all while telling a beautiful, beautiful story. I loved this book from the very first sentence and I am still loving it days after reading it. Since I could go on and on about every little thing I adored about this book (which if I am being completely honest is practically the whole thing), I decided a review just wouldn’t do it justice. Instead this is going to be a big list of love. Here’s what I thought made this book magical:

-It was set in Michigan. Okay one may think that this makes my opinion a little biased, and hey maybe they are right, but regardless I loved that it was set in the very state in which I live in. I know how sucky, beautiful, and cold Michigan can be. I can understand why Lake was so determined to hate moving to this wonderfully boring stated of mine. But mostly I just loved reading about a town I have actually been to before!

-The name Layken. I understand that this is really a minor detail but I still loved it. This was such a unique name and it was great to see something so different!

-The Avett Brothers. If you’ve read this blog, you know these guys are among one of my favorite bands. Not only do they have a super unique sound but their music is raw and beautiful. As you can probably guess, this band meant a great deal to our main character and their music played such a huge, huge, HUGE part in this book. It was great to see how their lyrics would set the tone for every chapter. I also loved that their songs got our main character through the toughest time in her life.

-Layken (the actual character this time, not just the name). This girl is brilliant. She is heartbroken, sad, troubled but even through all of this she is strong, a superb big sister, and she tries so hard to make it through every day. I felt that Layken was so easy to relate to and I could understand the pain she was going through. I knew from the very beginning she would be a great main character and boy was I right!

-Will Cooper. This boy, oh my this boy <3 <3 <3 He has had his fair share of heart breaks in the past couple of years so that makes him this beautifully broken boy. I love the way he is with Layken. I love how he seems to be so torn between what he wants and what he thinks the right thing is. I love how driven he is. I love his sense of humor and passion. I love his love and responsibility over his brother. I love his love of poetry. I love the impact he makes on Layken’s life. I just flat-out love HIM.

-The poetry, oh man the AMAZING poetry. I will not lie; I had never before been a fan of poetry. Those days in the 6th grade when we were forced to memorize AND repeat a Robert Frost poem scarred me for a lifetime. However, the poetry that this book opened my eyes to was so different. I was able to understand it in my own way, it touched me, and I sort of fell in love with it. Now don’t get me wrong, reading these poems and actually watching them be performed in a slam are two completely different things but you get an idea of how powerful this type of poetry can be.

-Eddie. I am a huge fan of well-written best friends and people, it really doesn’t get much better than Eddie. She was a vibrant ball of sunshine from the first moment she cannon-balled right into Layken’s life. She was so friendly and accepting, no questions asked. Just reading about her and her contagious passion for life made me want to be best friends with her!

-Kel & Caulder. Lake and Will’s younger brothers brought so much fun to this story! I loved how these two boys interacted, became best friends, and saw the best in every dark situation. It seemed that every time things really began to get down in Lake’s life, these boys were there to do some wacky, hilarious thing to make it a little better.

-Lake’s mom. My heart hurt so bad for her. As a reader, you could see the pain she was going through and how this move was a drastic attempt at piecing her family together again. Lake was not always easy on her mom, but her mom managed to stand her ground. I was able to see just where Lake got her strength and compassion from.

-The heartache. For as much love as there is in this book, there is just as much if not more heartache. I was an emotional wreck throughout Slammed but please do yourself a favor and do NOT let that deter you from reading it. We have all experienced loss and let-downs in some way or another and this book does an excellent job on touching on those feelings that everyone goes through.

-The love. Like I said, there is so much love in this book. We have Layken and Will’s love for each other; Layken’s love for her mom, younger brother, and her lost father; Will’s love for his brother and late parents; Layken’s love for her friends and their love for her; Will’s love of poetry; Seriously, my heart almost burst with how beautiful all of the love was.

-Colleen’s writing. It must really mean something if I can formulate a list like this over one book. Even though I listed all of these things, what it really came down to was how this story was laid out which just happens to be impeccable. Colleen’s writing flowed with ease. It was magical, authentic, and so genuine. Not once did I feel the story was rushed, the characters & their feelings unreal, or even a scene that just didn’t belong. Everything seemed to fit together so perfectly!

I hope if there is one thing I can convince you from this list (aside from the fact that I am an obsessive list maker and professional rambler) is that you NEED to read this book! It was a story that shocked me and I just know it will do the same to you!

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