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The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller
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Dec 09, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: guilty-pleasure, high-school, lush-prose-enjoyed, mary-sues, or-lovers-of-twilight, purple-prose, teens, ya, paranormal, fantasy, romance
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Recommended for: Guilty Pleasure Fans
Read from May 02 to July 11, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 2

Wow, I loved this book, the purple prose , the cliche relationship, her soul mate who lives in Italy. I'm embarrassed this goes on my trash fiction guilty pleasures list. I know there was a lot of flaws in the book but I liked the setting and the romanticism of it. So there's Seventeen year old Virginia, a girl who lives in a hellish small town with her cliche controlling grandmother. For some reason everyone thinks she is possessed by the devil. She has black outs and sees visions of a boy who she can't get from her head.

Than, as the review describes, she sees notorious playboy Iain Morrow on television brings Haven to her knees. Gasp so scary!

Haven runs stupidly from New York City to find rich pretty Iain that is doomed for death , demise and sadness. Is he a murderer from a past life or is he a lover? Or is he both. Haven rushes to a powerful and mysterious Ouroboros Society to help her unlock the mysteries of reincarnation and discover the secrets hidden in her past lives, and loves. so the Ouroboros is basically like the pro-claimed "Illuminati". It was the most creative part! I loved the rules, you get credits and the gray suit men that come and kill you. Oh and Virginia wants to shatter the cycle before it begins all over again and ends with death.

Yes, I'm physically aware that this book has major flaws but I like it. This is like City of Bones for me.

Issues... I will list them so you know I'm not insane.

Elle's University of Plot Flaws

1.So Virgina has the strange need to risk her life for a boy she's never met. Very odd.

2.How old is Ian? WTF. Is he twenty five? She's a minor!

3.Virgina tells Ian in the car, that she doesn't want sex when they first meet but suddenly she has sex with him, two days later.

4.She's in love with him out of the clear blue. Flash flood love?

5.She doesn't mind that he wants to lock her away like Belle in a tower?

6.She stays with a guy she thinks will be a murderer?

7.Beau (who names their kid Beau?!!!!), he was a token cliche gay guy. Did he advance the plot no!

But still I loved the book. I love the prose that Kirsten Miller writes in. It's freaking beautiful. Guilty pleasure alert. Ummmm.........I own it


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Aphrodite did yu like it!!?

Elle! The romance started a bit quick during the second 1/2 but I can understand it because of the main character has went through all her life. I love the 2nd half, when she gets mixed up with The Society. It's sort of like the mob with lies, romance and reincarnation.I love the descriptions, I'm pretty impressed so far. You should def check it out!

Aphrodite hahaha lol I've read it:) nd the second one:D thats y I aksed, if yu liked it as much as I did:P

Elle! Hahaha oh okay, I haven't read the second "All You Desire" yet but I'm going to check that one out soon. I really like this first book a lot. It's the kind you keep to read over and over :)

Aphrodite yeah it is!:D the second I believe was better

Elle! I can't wait to buy that one! I'm putting it on my want-to-read-now list =+) , thanks for the reference.

Aphrodite hahahaha lol I didn't do anything:P what else have you read?

Elle! A few books I have on my shelf,

1.Pink Smog
2. Misedcuation of Cameron Post
3. The Selection (I couldn't help it, the cover was beautiful with the blue dresses and all).
4.The Lovely Bones

Aphrodite oh ya how did you like the selection? pink smog? never heard of that? how old are you? you should totally read the night huntress series!!!!

Elle! Haha, I just turned 18 and I love YA fiction. Pink Smog, is a book settled in LA about angels in the 70s lol. The Selection, I love it, it's sort of like a reality tv show , The Bachelor in the future. Thanks! I'll check the Night Huntress series out.

Aphrodite oh ok hahaha then you will absolutely love the night huntress series by jeanine frost!!! she is a miracle! lol but its true:p pink smog sounds really good Imma check it out:)

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