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Reflection by Jessica Roberts
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May 10, 2012

really liked it
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Read from May 08 to 09, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

I received this book from Shut Up & Read.

Reflection is a rather straightforward book about a girl who's just woken up from a coma and is recounting her rather vivid dream to her doctor. Heather's dream, while she was in the coma, is really mostly memories from college that she relived while she was healing, and she is supposed to sort out what is real from what is fiction. Her major concern is the boy she fell in love with, Nick—is he real or is he just a figment of her imagination?

Overall, I liked this book. There were few grammatical errors and for the most part the plotline made sense to me, and it's a unique idea so I didn't feel like I was reading something I've read a million times before. I'm not sure if the "science" in the novel was researched or entirely made up, but if it was actually fabricated, it was done in a good way. There was no adult content.

I do have to say that I felt like the main character, Heather, and her love interest, Nick, were rather unsympathetic. Heather spent a lot of time judging Nick before she fell in love with him, and aside from the arrogance (which to be honest I never saw him express), the things she seemed to be judging him for were characteristics which she herself displayed. She didn't like that he didn't talk to people and didn't interact with people, but she thought it was perfectly acceptable that she didn't talk to or interact with people. And then Nick turned me off immediately with his "if you're not married, you're single" attitude, (view spoiler)

For that reason, I had a hard time getting into the novel at first. I knew they were supposed to be getting together, but they both seemed so hateful. At least, they seemed that way until he brought her food, which immediately made her do a complete 180 and declare whatever she was eating (first a burger, and then tacos) to be "the best EVER!"

I just had a really hard time connecting with her and her experiences. I sat through four boring years of college courses and I don't think I ever once walked into a class as unruly as her first History class. I also hardly understood why she had such hatred for Stacey. Well, I could understand because Stacey was awful, but every time Heather called her out for something, it seemed kind of hilariously ironic, like she was yelling at herself and not Stacey.

I think the reason this didn't really alter my rating is because I'm not sure, even after sleeping on it, if that was intentional or accidental. For all I know, Heather was calling herself out on her poor attitude while she was in a coma, and if that was what was going on, then it was well done. It's never explained, and maybe that's a good thing, since everything else was easy to separate into "fiction" and "reality."

Plus I'm not going to lie, the bipolar taco thing really amused me.

On top of that, even if the ending did make me really angry, I'm grateful that it did. I like it when books make me feel something, and this one did that.
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