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How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo
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May 02, 2012

really liked it
Read in May, 2012

As a teenager Eliza lost both of her parents in a plane crash, leaving her with severe Pteromerhanophobia, she bares the scars of loosing her parents and a failed attempt at suicide. Her love of music saves her life and directs her to a path she would have never dreamed.

A chance meeting with her music idol in a hotel sets the stage. Chance or destiny? As a reporter she is suppose to be focused and professional, instead she falls apart and is vunerable, some special spark in Eliza gets an never given interview from her idol and a new job. With a new job, a new city, a new place to live, a new roommate; a perfect fresh start. One would think. Her supervisor hates her, gives her mindless dribble pieces, her new apartment is a postage stamp, her new roommate is the male slut and the lead singer for the same band her brother is in.

Her roommate...hum...Paul is artistically driven, emotional, passionate, a down with the pop culture dribble-thumbing the man-not in it for the fame musician-beautiful voice and raw undiluted talent. However, as noted above, a male slut that is NOT suppose to touch Eliza.

The pull between two souls that have so much in common can sometimes be undeniable. However, that seemingly perfect connection between them is strained. The group lands a satanic record deal which is another way to squeeze the life out of Paul. A short band tour brings Eliza close with an undeniably sexy and sweet singer, Loring, as she writes a tour piece for work. Then everything falls apart.

Eliza can't get over her fear of flying to travel with Paul and the Micheals on tour (yes all the other band members' names are Micheal). Will Paul jeopardize the entire bands future because he can't leave Eliza or can Eliza martyr herself to put the band first?

Events that unfold are heartbreaking and frustrating. Lives can not be lived with peace; fear and pride can be as distructive as a bomb, and desperation can bring a person to do the unthinkable.

Vague I understand, however, I can't give you more information as it could be detrimental to the process for you as the reader. I, as the reader, laughed, cried, was so very angry, and embarrasingly admit, loathed the person the recommended the book. However, in the end, I felt joy and was so intensely happy I read How to Kill a Rock Star. And on a personal note, I apologized to the person I was cursing.
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Jenny - TotallybookedBlog hahaha! loathed me? So glad all is forgiven!
It was worth all the cussing and loathing though!

Regina Ward Yes Jenny, I was one angry woman. I have learned to trust you totally and I will never, never, internally fuss at you again. Dang, that was a good book. But, I am confused. Let's be can the music stop? Do you think there may possibly be another book in the future?

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