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Death Note Box Set by Tsugumi Ohba
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May 02, 2012

it was amazing

Light Yagami, a typical 18 year old student finds a notebook on the ground, its themed “Death note”. He takes the notebook with him and reads the instructions inside the death note, the instructions says that if you write a person’s name in the death note that person will die. Light tests the death note by writing a criminals name, 60 seconds later the criminal dies. An idea comes to him, since he thinks the world is messed up, he will use the death note to kill all the criminals, and he could become “god” and rule the good ones. It turns out that the death note is Ryuk’s, a shinigami from the underworld. Light can only see Ryuk and they start making plans for world domination. However the police are concerned because all the criminals are dying. The police hire a very smart detective, who is known by the name L. People start calling the unknown person that kills criminals (Light) Kira. However light’s dad is the police chief and gets to meet L. Later Light gets to know L, (Light wants to kill L because he is going to figure out he is Kira, but he doesn’t know L’s true name) However a problem for Light pops up, L is beginning to suspect him of being Kira. Light tries hard to keep L from finding out. L tries everything to capture Light doing something suspicious, but he can’t. Later Kira (Light) challenges L to who finds who first, and soon the battle of who finds who begins.

I f you like action and suspense, then death note is the kind of book you will enjoy. In this book, you will be full of emotional feelings, sometimes you will feel angry, sad, or desperate. You will meet Light, Mello, Misa, L, and Near, these are the main characters. Light and Misa are both selfish and smart, they are known as kira 1 and kira 2, they are the ones that hold the Death Note, L is also smart, but he is non-selfish, he is the best detective, Mello is selfish just like Misa and Light but sometimes he is good, he worked for the mafia in order to get the Death Note, and Near, he is just like L, smart and non-selfish, he has his own investigation group. This book is full of action because everyone is trying to get the Death Note, and they are setting traps and stuff like that, unfortunately some characters die, if you want to know who then read this book I guarantee you, you are going to like it. I recommend this book to everyone that loves manga or anime and read Inuyasha

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